I May Have Found a Reason to Watch this Year’s Super Bowl …

Several reasons, actually: Los Tigres del Norte do the Super Bowl LIV.

I’ve never been a fan of so-called American football –and you wouldn’t catch me dead watching hours upon hours of a Super Bowl. But all this will very likely change on Sunday, February 2, 2020 when my favorite band EVER is set to star in the opening video for Fox Sports’ broadcast of Super Bowl LIV.

Per a company press release:

Los Tigres del Norte and FOX Deportes joined forces for the first time to create a video, filmed in San Jose, celebrating the legacy of Los Tigres del Norte, the 100 seasons of the NFL, and the passion felt by Hispanics for football.

Okay, I might just watch my tigres doing their thing and then move onto more interesting things (happy hour at my local pub probably), but still… ¡Ajúa!

Via: Fox Sports

Taco Mahal Is Coming to New York City, and I’m not Ready for Gandhi-Zapata

Gandhi Zapata wants you to have a Roti Taco, because –really?!

Sources closer to Hell’s Kitchen than me (at least right now) tell me there’s a new, hipster-conceived Mexican-Indian restaurant coming my way.

Called –what else?– Taco Mahal, this fusion eatery promises a “new concept in the realm of delicious tacos” where “the best spices of India collide with the best flavors of Latino America [SIC.]”

I have no idea what any of the above means, but Taco Mahal has been plastering the city with artful collages of Frida-meets-Rigveda / Parvati-Meets-Kahlo. Also, according to a menu posted online, you’ll be able to order stuff such as Roti Tacos or Naan Tacos, which sound just as weird as the below deities blended together.

It’s Indian, you know? but with a taco twist.

Thank God there’s also beer & wine available to wash this thing down; otherwise…

Hat tip: @lechancle

Avocados From Mexico Releases Super Bowl LVI Commercial. It’s as Bad as Anything ‘Avo’ in America

Yeah, because we all carry our avocados like babies, right?

Yeah, it’s already that time of the year when –not content with punishing this blogger with frigid temperatures –and plenty of avocado-hipster nonsense– corporate America starts releasing their Super Bowl teaser commercials.

Enter the 2020 Avocados From Mexico’s Super Bowl spot, featuring a fictitious shopping network for people who love avocados.

The spot, created by Energy BBDO, also features quick snippets of avocado-themed products, including a baby carrier to hold a baby avocado (yup); an avocado pool float shaped like a tortilla chip and a helmet for an avocado out for a ride.

I’m dizzy now. Just WATCH (or maybe not)

Quincy, Massachusetts Preps ‘Latin-Inspired’ Eatery: Tacos, Nachos, that Kind of Thing…

Pearl & Lime promises food with a Latin flair: Tacos, nachos, guac, that kind of thing…

Residents of Quincy, Massachusetts, are apparently very excited about Pearl & Lime, an upcoming 80-seat restaurant that promises fresh food with a “Latin flair,” targeting the demanding millennial palate.

But what exactly do they mean by Latin flair? Well, I’m glad you asked!

“What people really want is tacos, nachos, guac, that kind of thing,” co-owner Palmer Matthews told The Patriot Ledger in an inexplicably long news article.

But if “tacos, nachos, guac and that kind of thing” is not really your thing, these dudes have also “pulled in the agave spirits and really take creative license with all that Latin inspiration.”

There you have it. Next time you visit Quincy, Massachusetts (because I never will) you’ll have to take some time to visit this place and take a moment to rediscover –and pay homage to– your Latin roots.


Photo: Quincy Wicked Local

Wanna Grow Old? Go Buy Chicken at this Mexican Chicken Shop

Wanna grow old?

Today in the always popular section of Mexicans: How can Anyone not Like us I give you this chicken shop somewhere in Mexico whose slogan is just perfect –and quite impossible to translate without losing all its beauty. But basically, if you want to grow old (viejito,) you might want to go pay $65 pesos (about $3.5 USD) for a pollito (little chicken).

Photo via: Reddit

AMLO Proposes Presidential Jet’s Raffle; Hilarity Ensues

A Mexican upon winning the presidential jet raffle

No, I’m not making this up.

Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador (aka AMLO) has proposed a raffle by the country’s National Lottery to sell the presidential plane. Tickets would go for about $25 dollars apiece, and while we’re not sure yet how the whole process will work, Mexican Twitter has responded as only Mexican Twitter can.

Here are some of my favorite reactions from Twitter Mexico.

Glorious ride

Who wants a cachito?


Going to work in style

Ready for the raffle

See y’all suckers!

Avión presidencial

Via: CNET en Español

Got Milk? Too Bad. This Texas Shop Wants to Know if you Got Papers Instead

As if things were not already difficult for Hispanics living in America these days, local businesses are now trolling us with a supposedly funny t-shirt that takes a jab at Hispanics by questioning their legal status.

The above t-shirt –that takes a page from the popular Got Milk slogan–was spotted a few days ago in Ebony Mart, a popular shopping stop for Hispanics in Port Arthur, Texas, by local residents who found it outrageous –and definitely not funny.

As of this writing, the store owner had apologized and reportedly stopped selling said t-shirts, which I’m willing to bet are Made in either Mexico or El Salvador, two of America’s main exporters of cotton apparel.  🤷🏽‍♀️

Via: Local 12 News