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Mexicans wear awful hats … and will give you AIDS

Talk about ads that speak for themselves. This print campaign was assigned by Marie Stopes, a British NGO, warning Brits about the dangers of unprotected sex. What’s more embarrassing -his hat or what he might give you? asks the copy … Continue reading

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Gonzales’ fallout not bad for Hispanics: Professor

One has to be thankful for political analysts and university professors who share with us, mortals, their insight and wisdom about current events. Take Cal Jillson, a political science professor at the Southern Methodist University, who recently was quoted in … Continue reading

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Sleepy Mexican pitches tacky tourism oasis

If you ever take the I-95 road going North from South Carolina you will hit South of the Border, a tourist attraction featuring all kinds of fun and entertainment “Mexican-style” para toda la familia. The place includes a dedicated amusement … Continue reading

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Who said Hispanics don’t like to read?

People who like to stereotype Latinos think we only watch telenovelas and crappy reality-show television, and that when it comes to literature, if its not People en Español or TV y Novelas, you can forget about us. But now, for … Continue reading

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A doll with ‘Hispanic facial features’

In their quest for innovation, Hispanic marketers cannot seem to avoid using racist notions of color and looks. Soon after Kmart announced it was releasing a line of ethnic dolls, Brass Key Inc. has now come out with its own … Continue reading

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Calling on Hispanic UFO’s and weird things

I love my people! … And by that I mean: a) bloggers and b) Hispanics in the U.S. trying to make a difference From the depths of the Bloggosphere comes Inexplicata: The Journal of Hispanic Ufology, a daily report on … Continue reading


Here we go… Kmart stocks up on “ethnic” dolls

Now that minorities are the majority in lots of places and the U.S. Census keeps insisting Hispanic is a race, K-mart is hoping to undergo a multicultural make-over with a series of “ethnic-looking” dolls. According to BusinessWeek, though black and … Continue reading

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Nuñez and Villaraigosa: together at the puente

As the investigation into how Telemundo covered L.A. mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s marital problems came to a conclusion (with TV anchor Mirthala Salinas temporarily suspended without paid) the Latino fiesta goes on in the streets of Los Angeles in anticipation of … Continue reading

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Latinos send wish list to Obama via El Piolín

As Univision Radio host Eddie “El Piolín” Sotelo was getting ready to interview Barack Obama this morning (9:00 am ET), opened up a forum inviting visitors to send in their questions and concerns to the Illinois Democrat. Under the … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to happy, cheerful Hispanics?

Judging from this picture (out this month in Conde Nast’s special Fashion Rocks edition, which arrived with my monthly subscription of Vanity Fair) El Cantante and la esposa de El Cantante not only look tired and bored out of their … Continue reading

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Showing my patriotic spirit and passion for grilling

If you thought you had seen it all in Hispanic marketing, wait ’till you hear about the latest from Weber-Stephen Products Co., which this week launched a Hispanic grilling contest, calling on participants to demonstrate their “patriotic spirit and passion … Continue reading

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Helping Hispanics drink other than alcohol

You know how we Latinos are. If it’s not tequila or beer (very cold by the way) we just don’t seem to like anything, much less water. But worry no more! Hispanic marketers -as always- come to the rescue, this … Continue reading

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Aguilera brushes up on her Spanish

“I definitely want my children to know Spanish. That’s important. It’s something that I want to start speaking early on in the house, so I’m brushing up on my Spanish and taking out my lesson tapes on tour.” Christina Aguilera … Continue reading

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Fotonovelas aimed at higher education

In an effort to pitch the benefits of a higher education among Latinos in Merced County, California, a local College next week will start distributing fotonovelas, those cheesy photo-stories still popular among many Latin Americans. According to the Merced Sun-Star, … Continue reading

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Viva ‘el’ créativité y ‘la’ marketing!

What happens when a Seattle-based chain of French kitchenwear stores partners with an Oklahoma-born chef specialized in “authentic” Mexican cooking? … You end up with a cookware collection called “Viva la Mexico” [sic]. Not Vive le Mexique! nor ¡Viva México! … Continue reading

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