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Mexicans wear awful hats … and will give you AIDS

Talk about ads that speak for themselves. This print campaign was assigned by Marie Stopes, a British NGO, warning Brits about the dangers of unprotected sex. What’s more embarrassing -his hat or what he might give you? asks the copy … Continue reading

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Gonzales’ fallout not bad for Hispanics: Professor

One has to be thankful for political analysts and university professors who share with us, mortals, their insight and wisdom about current events. Take Cal Jillson, a political science professor at the Southern Methodist University, who recently was quoted in … Continue reading

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Sleepy Mexican pitches tacky tourism oasis

If you ever take the I-95 road going North from South Carolina you will hit South of the Border, a tourist attraction featuring all kinds of fun and entertainment “Mexican-style” para toda la familia. The place includes a dedicated amusement … Continue reading

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Who said Hispanics don’t like to read?

People who like to stereotype Latinos think we only watch telenovelas and crappy reality-show television, and that when it comes to literature, if its not People en Español or TV y Novelas, you can forget about us. But now, for … Continue reading

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A doll with ‘Hispanic facial features’

In their quest for innovation, Hispanic marketers cannot seem to avoid using racist notions of color and looks. Soon after Kmart announced it was releasing a line of ethnic dolls, Brass Key Inc. has now come out with its own … Continue reading

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Calling on Hispanic UFO’s and weird things

I love my people! … And by that I mean: a) bloggers and b) Hispanics in the U.S. trying to make a difference From the depths of the Bloggosphere comes Inexplicata: The Journal of Hispanic Ufology, a daily report on … Continue reading

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Here we go… Kmart stocks up on “ethnic” dolls

Now that minorities are the majority in lots of places and the U.S. Census keeps insisting Hispanic is a race, K-mart is hoping to undergo a multicultural make-over with a series of “ethnic-looking” dolls. According to BusinessWeek, though black and … Continue reading

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