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At Last. A Culturally Relevant, Cocktail-Themed Toothpaste

Latinos don’t always brush their teeth, but when they do, they brush them with a mojito mint-flavored toothpaste. Because, really, what else were we going to use?

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Are You ‘Hombre’ Enough? Las Deportadas Want to Know

In its ongoing quest to position itself as the beer for real hombres, Tecate today launched the Are you hombre enough? challenge, basically asking guys -Latinos and non-Latinos- to prove their manhood. The challenge, led by a pair of sportscasters known … Continue reading

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New Hispanic Venture Launches in Lorem Ipsum-Language

Hispanic online media has grown to be so sophisticated, that we have web properties targeting English-dominant, Spanish-dominant and even Spanglish-dominant Latinos. But a new contender,, wants to disrupt the whole industry by launching a page in Lorem Ipsum, which is great, really, considering … Continue reading

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Mexican Ponchos Pay Homage to ‘Fútbol’ and Football

Only a true Mexican* understands the passion of some Mexicans for el futbol americano, known by gringos simply as football. The passion is such, you wear your team proudly, even if it comes in the form of a typical jorongo. *Yours … Continue reading

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Mexico Extends Appropriate Welcome to the Dalai Lama

Mexico today began distributing tickets for the Oct. 13, 14 and 15 visit of the Dalai Lama, who will be coming to this country for the 4th time. And what more appropriate welcome mat than a picture of His Holiness accompanied … Continue reading

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Univision’s Fernando Fiore is Now Peddling Power Tools

In the latest sign of the hotness of the U.S. Latino market, Univision sportscaster Fernando Fiore has been hired by Makita to promote the one and only “Mexican National Team 7-1/4″ Circular Saw Blade.” Call me crazy, but I’m not … Continue reading

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‘El Tiempo Latino:’ What Jeff Bezos Was Really After…

As usual, the so-called “mainstream media” missed the boat on this one. For all the hoopla around Jeff Bezos buying the Washington Post, most media writers failed to point out that the Post is the proud publisher of El Tiempo Latino, … Continue reading

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Dunkin Donuts’ Cuban Sandwich Luckily Only Available in Miami

And just when I needed one more reason to not visit Miami, Dunkin Donuts has introduced the all-new Cuban sandwich, featuring roasted pork loin, Swiss cheese and ham on an oven-toasted thing it dares to call a “French roll.” But if … Continue reading

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This New Cable Network is Making me Thirsty!

I don’t know you, but every time I see the Fusion logo, I feel like running to my nearest bodega and grab a Fanta de tamarindo. But I digress… Fusion, the ABC News/Univision joint cable net, has confirmed it will … Continue reading

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Here’s How We Plan to Take Over the U.S. [Part II]

I said this in 2008 and I’ll say it again: Hispanics are a resourceful bunch and have crafted a brilliant master plan to take over the U.S: It’s quite simple, come to think about it: Reproduce quickly and in large quantities. … Continue reading

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Weiner to Univision: ‘This is Between New York and My Wife’

UPDATE: The millennials over at Fusion (the Hispennials) are challenging this post, telling me that what Weiner said was: “Entre YO y mi esposa” and not “Entre New York y mi esposa.” On the other hand, my friend thinks he … Continue reading

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