Florida Pharmacy Sells ‘Hispanic Drugs,’ Because Florida

Drogas hispánicas
Image via @LourdesBFdz on Twitter

This image, which has been doing the rounds on the Internet, couldn’t find a better home than this blog, which has dutifully documented the birth of Hispanic cheese; the deliciously weird tortilla-flavored chocolates; the Mexican Coca-Cola and even a Hispanic lettuce to go with your Hispanic tuna and your Hispanic mayonnaise.

I have several questions about this display, including: Where is the uña de gato?; shouldn’t the sign read “Hispanic drugs” as in several (not one) drugs… Shouldn’t it be “Drogas hispanas” and not “hispánicas”… Oh… and can the creator of this display come forward? I’d like to thank him/her personally.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Wanna Give your Boring, American Food a Latin Twist? Whole Foods Has your Back!

From enchiladas and pupusas to moquecas, lomitos and ceviche. This thing will do the trick!

As Donald Trump would have you believe, America is not only the GREATEST-COUNTRY-ON-EARTH, but also ground zero for entrepreneurship and gastronomical innovation. So much so, gringos have found a way to make EVERYTHING Latin, yes, EVERYTHING, no matter what.

Behold the Whole Foods’ Latin All-Purpose Seasoning

It’s Latin

It’s All-Purpose

It’s Organic

… and it’s available at your nearest Whole Foods (i.e. Amazon.com) supermarket. So, ¡ajúa, and #MAGA!

Hat tip: Carolina González

Taco Bell’s Thanksgiving Menu is so Ludicrous, it’s Actually Funny

These ‘things’ you see here are Turkeritos: Yep, turkey ‘tacos’

Taco Bell’s Friendsgiving menu is so ridiculous, it’s actually funny. Among my faves: The turkeritos; the pumpkin spice caramel apple empanadas; the chocolate churros with chile ancho and –of course– the butternut squash chalupa bites.

Fortunately for ALL of us, Taco Bell’s annual Friendsgiving meal was only available last week and it was only for VIP’s at the company’s headquarters.


New England Patriots Cheerleaders Go to Mexico; Explore Aztec Ruins in Tiny Shorts, Mingle with the Locals

It’s pretty safe to say that this blogger couldn’t care less about the NFL and/or what the Patriots, the Raiders or the Whatevers are up to. However, when the action of the so-called American football makes its way south of the border, things get a bit more interesting.

Take the following promo posted this weekend by the New England Patriots as they gear to face the Oakland Raiders this Sunday in Mexico City.

WATCH as a couple of cute porristas tour Teotihuacán and move about the ancient Aztec ruins wearing tiny shorts, as an inexplicable polka music plays in the background.

This London Establishment Sells Bad Mexican Food –and Awful Spanish Grammar

This doesn’t make sense, you know?

The owners of this fine establishment in London would be well advised to take a quick Spanish-language course or –at the very least– brush up on their masculine and feminine nouns.

But I guess they’re busy concocting “food” that they hope will pass as “Mexican” without anybody noticing. Alas, my European, non-Hispanic, non-Mexican correspondent noticed…

At this point, I’m not sure if I’m cringing over their grammar or their “food.”

Hat tip: London Taco Correspondent