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Florida Pharmacy Sells ‘Hispanic Drugs,’ Because Florida

This image, which has been doing the rounds on the Internet, couldn’t find a better home than this blog, which has dutifully documented the birth of Hispanic cheese; the deliciously weird tortilla-flavored chocolates; the Mexican Coca-Cola and even a Hispanic lettuce to go with your Hispanic tuna and … Continue reading

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Wanna Give your Boring, American Food a Latin Twist? Whole Foods Has your Back!

As Donald Trump would have you believe, America is not only the GREATEST-COUNTRY-ON-EARTH, but also ground zero for entrepreneurship and gastronomical innovation. So much so, gringos have found a way to make EVERYTHING Latin, yes, EVERYTHING, no matter what. Behold the … Continue reading

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The Taliban Go to Mexico; Find Delicious Way to Stay Relevant

Sadly, they don’t sell ‘gringas’ there… Photo: Laura Martínez (Mexico City)

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Marketing in the Time of Google Translate…

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Taco Bell’s Thanksgiving Menu is so Ludicrous, it’s Actually Funny

Taco Bell’s Friendsgiving menu is so ridiculous, it’s actually funny. Among my faves: The turkeritos; the pumpkin spice caramel apple empanadas; the chocolate churros with chile ancho and –of course– the butternut squash chalupa bites. Fortunately for ALL of us, Taco … Continue reading

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New England Patriots Cheerleaders Go to Mexico; Explore Aztec Ruins in Tiny Shorts, Mingle with the Locals

It’s pretty safe to say that this blogger couldn’t care less about the NFL and/or what the Patriots, the Raiders or the Whatevers are up to. However, when the action of the so-called American football makes its way south of … Continue reading

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This London Establishment Sells Bad Mexican Food –and Awful Spanish Grammar

The owners of this fine establishment in London would be well advised to take a quick Spanish-language course or –at the very least– brush up on their masculine and feminine nouns. But I guess they’re busy concocting “food” that they … Continue reading

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Starbucks Wants you to ‘Celbrate’ Something in Spanish

I don’t mean to ruin their bilingual, toasted Christmas-y spirit, but the folks over at this Starbucks in Chicago would be well advised to spend some time on their Spanish-language copy –or just stick to English if they cannot find one … Continue reading

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Paris Hilton Goes to Mexico; Stops at Taquería, Drinks Sprite

I’m not sure she touched her food and/or drank her Sprite, but she looks pretty happy to be down there, surrounded by some other gringos and plenty of salsas. Photo: Quién  

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French ‘Tacos’ are Sadder than Taco Bell ‘Tacos’

Photo: Laura Martínez, Paris 2017

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