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This Little Gadget Says it All…in Spanish

Remember the culturally-relevant padlock, which allowed Hispanics to set their combination in Spanish? Well, a company in St. Louis, Missouri is now launching Blue Selecto, the “first Spanish-language only programmable thermostat” in the market. The gadget, says Emerson Climate Technologies, … Continue reading

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Satisfied Doing What She Does Best….

There is nothing like a thick, white moustache to show the world how good you are are doing… what? Drink milk. I guess.

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This is one Mean Son of a Bean!

Heinz seems to know a lot about beans, their heavy accent, heritage and struggle, especially what they can learn from their mother. “Why be nice when you can be mean? She was a mean bean, my mother. But I’m one … Continue reading

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And you Thought you Had Cool Friends…

Barack Obama this week put in a call to Univision Radio’s Eddie “Piolín” Sotelo to let him know he’s hard at work fixing the immigration mess -and that they are now BFF. I’m not going to bother you with details … Continue reading

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This is what the NYU Strike Boils Down to…

After all, there are far more important things than creating a union or launching a scholarship program for Palestinian students. Photo bluntly stolen from: Gawker

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What Ever Happen to Hearty, Spanish Meals? King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofía Go Low Fat

You would think Spain’s King and Queen would cheat a little on their respective diets during their recent visit to the U.S. (After all, what is a gastronomic peccadillo here and there?) But, as it turns out, the royal couple … Continue reading

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Speaking of Sinaloa… Are U Ready for Digital TV?

This is what I call a no-nonsense approach to informing Latinos about the upcoming digital switch. Ajúa! Pónganse trucha, mis compas Sin tele van a quedar Porque ya viene llegando La transición digital Si no tienen la cajita… Sin tele … Continue reading

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Looking for a Real Outdoor Adventure? Come to Sinaloa. Take a ‘Narcotour’

Nobody can accuse Mexicans of having ran out of ideas. Take the Northern state of Sinaloa, where a budding group of entrepreneurs are offering visitors tours associated with the state’s most dangerous drug lords. “The tours include visits to their … Continue reading

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¡La Puta! Mexico’s Political Situation is Real Bad

…Either things are really, really ugly or the Web designer at El Universal got a little too creative by super-imposing the voter’s head over the section’s headline, which I believe is actually called La Disputa 2009 (The  Dispute 2009). But then again, … Continue reading

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Tough Times Ahead: Lady Liberty Takes up the Iron

Remember those glorious days when Lady Liberty was a mere symbol of freedom and enlightenment? Well, folks, that is nothing but gone now. In these turbulent times, in which only U.S. Latinos seem to be the only ones who can afford … Continue reading

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Mexico Beats England!… in Group Smooch

39,897 was the number of people who gathered this Saturday at Mexico City’s famous Zócalo to take part in a group smooch (el megabeso), easily beating the UK’s 2007 record when 32,648 people kissed in Weston-super-Mare. ¡Sí, se puede! (Now we only have … Continue reading

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Why Pay a Fortune for a Latin-Themed Teddy Bear When you Can Get this Thing for Valentine’s?

Forget Papi Chulo and Mamacita teddy bears. In these turbulent economic times, why pay for a stuffed animal when you can get yourself some aquatic, battery-enabled entertainment? This Limited Edition Dora Aquapet takes 2 AA batteries and promises a lifetime … Continue reading

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Myrka, Dominicci, Rihanna Serve as Inspiration for New Enrique Iglesias Video

Who knew domestic violence could be this sexy? Judging from this video, there is nothing like a good fight (with toasters, underwear, jewelry, paintings and jugs of milk flying around the house or into the swimming pool) to guarantee a … Continue reading

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Queen Noor of Jordan, Now Queen of Telmex?

Queen Noor of Jordan, the U.S. born, 57-year-old widow of the late King Hussein of Jordan, is reportedly dating H.M. Carlos Slim, King of Telmex, Prince of Sanborn’s and Count of the many-many dollars. According to Spain’s Semana magazine, the … Continue reading


Introducing the iPray. For the Busy Devout in You

With this portable electronic rosary player, all you have to do is push a button to be able to pray the rosary in only 26 minutes: You can pray while you walk, cook, drive or rest. Yes, you can. And … Continue reading

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