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This Little Gadget Says it All…in Spanish

Remember the culturally-relevant padlock, which allowed Hispanics to set their combination in Spanish? Well, a company in St. Louis, Missouri is now launching Blue Selecto, the “first Spanish-language only programmable thermostat” in the market. The gadget, says Emerson Climate Technologies, … Continue reading

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Satisfied Doing What She Does Best….

There is nothing like a thick, white moustache to show the world how good you are are doing… what? Drink milk. I guess.

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This is one Mean Son of a Bean!

Heinz seems to know a lot about beans, their heavy accent, heritage and struggle, especially what they can learn from their mother. “Why be nice when you can be mean? She was a mean bean, my mother. But I’m one … Continue reading

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And you Thought you Had Cool Friends…

Barack Obama this week put in a call to Univision Radio’s Eddie “Piolín” Sotelo to let him know he’s hard at work fixing the immigration mess -and that they are now BFF. I’m not going to bother you with details … Continue reading

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This is what the NYU Strike Boils Down to…

After all, there are far more important things than creating a union or launching a scholarship program for Palestinian students. Photo bluntly stolen from: Gawker

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What Ever Happen to Hearty, Spanish Meals? King Juan Carlos I and Queen Sofía Go Low Fat

You would think Spain’s King and Queen would cheat a little on their respective diets during their recent visit to the U.S. (After all, what is a gastronomic peccadillo here and there?) But, as it turns out, the royal couple … Continue reading

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Speaking of Sinaloa… Are U Ready for Digital TV?

This is what I call a no-nonsense approach to informing Latinos about the upcoming digital switch. Ajúa! Pónganse trucha, mis compas Sin tele van a quedar Porque ya viene llegando La transición digital Si no tienen la cajita… Sin tele … Continue reading

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