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This Chocolate Bar Is a Delicious Mix of Testicles and Google Translation

Because, really, how else were you going to translate ‘Triple Nut Bar?’ Hat tip: Teresa Bouza


Dominique Ansel and Alex Stupak Think this Thing Is a Taco

Dear Dominique Ansel and Alex Stupak, I seriously think you guys are lovely and all, but can you please — PLEEEEASE — not call your “swirl of roasted corn caramel, lime zest, sea salt, and smokey salsa verde on the … Continue reading

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This Austin Sex Shop Wants you to Burn Like a Latin Lover

Are you about to get intimate with that hot gal/dude you bumped into while Pokémon Go-hunting? If so, why burn any incense when you can burn a Latin Lover-themed one? Behold the “Latin Lover premium hand-dipped shorties,” now on sale at Cindy’s Sex Shop* in … Continue reading

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The Mexican Government Wants You to Know El Chapo Has not Escaped Again –Yet

My country is the bestest… On Friday night, after rumors that El Chapo Guzmán had escaped from a Mexican prison for the third time began appearing on social media, Mexico’s Secretary of the Interior, Miguel Osorio Chong, posted the above photo, with … Continue reading

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Mexicans Mock Avocado Shortage with Hilarious Memes

OK, you know the drill. No matter how tragic a situation will get, Mexicans will always see the funny side of the whole thing. And the avocado shortage of late is no exception. In case you have no idea what’s … Continue reading

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