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The Arizona Diamondbacks Lure Hispanic Baseball Fans With Culturally Relevant Hot-Dog

Los Diamondbacks de Arizona, which is Spanish for The Arizona Diamondbacks, have partnered with the local Univision station to offer Hispanic baseball fans the chance to gobble up at the stadium in a culturally-relevant way: With a $7 “Sonora-style hot-dog.” … Continue reading

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Mexican Men Know How to Lure Women…. [into the Fridge]

Say what you will about Tecate, but the beer maker knows a thing or two about Mexican men and their tricky ways to get women do what they want (namely to get them cold beers from the fridge.) I don’t … Continue reading

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This is How PETA Wants Latinos to Stop Craving Meat

PETA, the animal rights organization, has launched PETA Latino, apparently because they want my people to stop eating chicharrón, carnitas, chuletas, suadero and all those delicious -and nutritious- foods we’ve been eating since we were toddlers. I commend PETA on its … Continue reading

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This Dominican Salon Offers ‘Acondicionadol’ and a Chance to Look Like Shirley Temple

Photo: Laura Martínez (Harlem, 2013)

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Kate del Castillo Pitches Fragrance not Called Kate del Castillo

First came Paulina, then Shakira, Banderas, JLo and even José José. Now, my paisana, Kate del Castillo, is the latest celebrity to join the club of Latino celebrities pitching a fragrance. But unlike previous launches, Kate’s fragrance is not called ‘Kate del Castillo.’ It is a … Continue reading

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Research: Hispanics Love ‘Authentic’ Food, Including Make Believe American Tacos

When it comes to Hispanic eating habits, there is not such a thing as “enough research.” Take the latest from Technomic, a Chicago-based firm that this week revealed that Hispanics are more inclined to dine out than the general market. … Continue reading

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This Tide Commercial Shows Why it’s so Hard to be a Hispanic Millennial

If you thought Hispanic millennials were just like regular millennials, think again. Hispanic millennials, according to a new series of Tide commercials, not only sit around doing nothing and play with their phones. They have the added burden of having to … Continue reading

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Wyandotte to Celebrate Cinco de Mayo on Cuatro de Mayo

How many Mexicans does it take to organize a Cinco de Mayo party in Wyandotte, Michigan? Apparently, zero. [I’m sure my people would have seriously objected to holding a May 5th celebration on May 4th.] Too bad organizers didn’t consult … Continue reading

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Further Evidence Emerges of Mexi-Muslim Connection

As it turns out, these tricky islamist radicals are not only becoming experts in ‘acting Hispanic’ and copying our tacos and all. They are now confusing the hell out of mainstream, non-Latino, non-Muslim, non-radical Americans by making believe pitas and … Continue reading

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Congressman Uncovers Mexi-Muslim Connection

And you thought politicians were a bunch of good for nothings… In the latest development concerning the Mexi-Muslim threat, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is now saying that this week’s bombings of the Boston Marathon should give pause to immigration reform advocates who … Continue reading

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mun2 Really Knows How to Get me Out of Bed at 8:00 am

mun2 on Tuesday unveiled its 2013-2014 programming line up at a morning press conference in Manhattan. And just to make sure this blogger would get out of bed so early in the morning, it brought in tacos and the taqueros who make … Continue reading

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Dear Media: Please Don’t Freak Out. Peruvian Barbie Features Anchor Baby; No Passport Visible

Hat tip: @Buttronica

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‘Barbie Jamona’ is Culturally-Relevant… and Looks Delicious!

On the heels of the Barbie Mexicana brouhaha that I so inadvertently started, I decided to go on a worldwide hunt for the next controversial, culturally-relevant and irreverent Barbie doll. Here she is. She is proud, meaty and looks absolutely delicious. … Continue reading

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This ‘Abuela’ Is Very Clean, but She Could Brush up on her Spanish

In case you were womdering, it should say “aprobado,” and not “aprovado.” Continue reading

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Mexican Barbie Is Documented; Comes with Passport

The folks over at Mattel are so smart, that not only they have come up with a Mexican Barbie, but they have given her all the possible tools to go around the U.S. the world undisturbed. In addition to a … Continue reading

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