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This Blogger is Ready for Today’s ‘Dumb & Dumber Summit’

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Juan Gabriel is Dead and I Have Nothing Funny to Say

You probably don’t know this, but Juan Gabriel (né Alberto Aguilera Valadez) was one of my favorite Mexican composers/singers/showmen/human beings. My mom, who used to blast his music pretty much all the time, once told me something I will never forget: “Remember: We have loved … Continue reading

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Dear, Nestlé: What on Earth is ‘Authentic Latin Flavor?’

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National Beef Commercial Features Kid Looking Forward to Eating Bad Tacos

Remember the weirdly named Spanish-language campaign to make my people eat pork? Well, now it’s time for beef to have its several seconds of “Latino fame” with a recent national TV spot for Beef: It’s What’s for Dinner, a very important organization whose noble mission is … Continue reading

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Reddit User Was Taking Pic of an Accident Involving a Latino Express Bus When the Real Latino Express Drove by

Via: Reddit

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MillerCoors to Launch a Ridiculously-named Beverage Inspired by a non-existent Mexican Tradition

I have no idea what kind of Mexicans the people of MillerCoors hang out with, but apparently they are the inspiration behind Zumbida, an alcoholic drink with a make-believe Mexican name, which is supposed to be inspired by the “Mexican tradition of Aguas Frescas.” Wait. Whaaaaat? Per its very colorful package, Zumbida … Continue reading

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George Takei Asks Latinos not to Vote for Trump… in Perfect Spanish, Mind You

I might be late to this, but I had no idea his Spanish was this good. Way better than many “Hispanics” I know on this side of the border. Go George!

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