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This Blogger is Ready for Today’s ‘Dumb & Dumber Summit’

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Juan Gabriel is Dead and I Have Nothing Funny to Say

You probably don’t know this, but Juan Gabriel (né Alberto Aguilera Valadez) was one of my favorite Mexican composers/singers/showmen/human beings. My mom, who used to blast his music pretty much all the time, once told me something I will never forget: “Remember: We have loved … Continue reading

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National Beef Commercial Features Kid Looking Forward to Eating Bad Tacos

Remember the weirdly named Spanish-language campaign to make my people eat pork? Well, now it’s time for beef to have its several seconds of “Latino fame” with a recent national TV spot for Beef: It’s What’s for Dinner, a very important organization whose noble mission is … Continue reading

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Reddit User Was Taking Pic of an Accident Involving a Latino Express Bus When the Real Latino Express Drove by

Via: Reddit

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MillerCoors to Launch a Ridiculously-named Beverage Inspired by a non-existent Mexican Tradition

I have no idea what kind of Mexicans the people of MillerCoors hang out with, but apparently they are the inspiration behind Zumbida, an alcoholic drink with a make-believe Mexican name, which is supposed to be inspired by the “Mexican tradition of Aguas Frescas.” Wait. Whaaaaat? Per its very colorful package, Zumbida … Continue reading

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George Takei Asks Latinos not to Vote for Trump… in Perfect Spanish, Mind You

I might be late to this, but I had no idea his Spanish was this good. Way better than many “Hispanics” I know on this side of the border. Go George!

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Mexikosher Opens in New York City, Because Why Not?

You guys! Mexikosher (aka The Real Mexican Kosher) has opened its doors in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, bringing local residents some strange “Mexican” delicacies, including hot wings, nachos and rice bowls. According to the well-informed New York Times, MexiKosher is the … Continue reading

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LOL: Clinton Super PAC Spends Thousands to Inform Hispanics that Trump Is Racist

Priorities USA has reportedly spent a lot of dinero in a couple of TV spots — in English and Spanish — that aim to paint a picture of Donald Trump as “racist, anti-Mexican and unacceptable to Hispanic voters.” No shit. The spots (Our … Continue reading

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Two Apparently Nice Ladies Want you to Cover Your Pet’s A-Hole with a Talking Donald Trump

Speaking of pussy assholes, a duo of advertising ladies are launching the Trump Hole Covers, some sort of weird device to cover your pet’s a-hole with a talking Donald Trump — because the world has definitely gone mad. Behind this contraption (no pun … Continue reading

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Upon Securing the Hispanic Vote with Taco Bowl Tweet, Trump Goes After the Fried Chicken Crowd

This blogger is too busy to blog right now, but you get my point.

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