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Forget about Mattel’s. This is the Real Barbie Mexicana

Mexican native Omar Ariel Cortés has created a Facebook page showcasing a world in which Mattel’s famous Barbie doll leaves her magical world to join a more sinister one: the world of drug dealing, breast cancer, single motherhood, prostitution and … Continue reading

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‘El Bloombito’ Now Greeting you Aboard NYC Taxis

Bill De Blasio might be the new mayor of New York City, but it looks like he has hired El Bloombito to work on the “Spanish-language” welcome messages aboard New York City taxis. I kind of want to reproach Mr. De Blasio … Continue reading

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I Don’t Know You, but I’ll be Watching #SOTUS with an Accent

It took me forever to admit this. But I am a sucker for Latinos speaking with an accent. So instead of going for some serious journalistic outlet or other kind of Pulitzer-prize-winning publication, I am going to be watching #SOTUS … Continue reading

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Frito Lay Thinks Pico de Gallo Flavored Chips are a Good Idea

I kind of like it when gringos go out of their way and tweak their menus and snacks to cater to “a more diverse America.” Thanks to their relentless search for multicultural tasty perfection, we now have the Dunkin Donuts’ … Continue reading

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Bieber’s Arrest According to Mexican Tabloid

“Atoran y fichan a Bieber por una carerra callejera; se metió mota, chelas y pastas. Pure journalistic poetry, alas almost impossible to translate…

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These Guys are not Screwed, They are Screwed Up

I don’t really know what’s worse: If watching a video of Tim Donnelly pledging to put a goddam gun in every goddam American home, or witnessing the pathetic, supposedly funny translation by María Conchita Alonso while clutching a pet named Tequila … Continue reading

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Not Breakfast at Tiffany’s, but Lunch on Park Avenue

This might sound a bit cliché, but living in New York truly gives you the best of both worlds: Park Avenue class with authentic Mexican food and drinks. Photo: Laura Martínez

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Insight: How to Attract more Hispanics to your Restaurant

I just love it when business writers and business journals on the business of writing meaningless business pieces give business owners advice on how to attract more Hispanic customers to their, ahem, businesses. Take the Orlando Business Journal, whose appropriately-named … Continue reading

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Latinos on Fox News Latino Declare 2014 ‘The Year of the Latino’ -For Some Reason

Sometimes I wish I had less time on my hands to actually go over all the Latino-related stuff that lands daily in my Inbox. But just in case you were wondering what’s new in the senseless fascinating world of Latino media … Continue reading

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Appropriately, my Book Is Featured on Cheesy ‘Latin’ Video

I don’t mean to brag, but you know? I wrote a book. Yes, a physical thing made of paper and ink, which was actually sold in and all, making it –at some point– to the New York Times list of The … Continue reading

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How do you Say ‘Sandwiches’ in Cuban Spanish? Pues Así

Photo: Lisa Paravano; blog correspondent in -where else?- Miami.

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Bimbo’s ‘Negrito’ Goes Rasta with ‘Negrito Raztachoc’

If you thought Bimbo’s decision to drop the name ‘Negrito’ from one of its decades-old brands was final, think again. A “correspondent” of this blog in Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo has spotted this treasure, now in vanilla flavor. (And no, it’s not … Continue reading

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See? Mexicans are not Hispanic; and this School Proves it

Photo: Laura Martínez, Valladolid, México. 2014©

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Food? Drugs? Free Wi-Fi?… Mexico Has you Covered

Foto: Laura Martínez, Mahahual, Mexico 2014

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