Mexalert! Mexican Converse Spotted in New York City Subway

Ideal for when someone yells '¡Ahí viene la migra!'
Ideal for when someone yells ‘¡Ahí viene la migra!’

In yet another sign that New York City is quickly becoming a subsidiary of Mexico, a paisano was spotted recently in the city subway proudly wearing a pair of Converse All Star Mexican Flag Ajúa Edition.

Want to be as cool as my people but Converse are not your thing? You will want to check out these Nike beauties and — of course — the Cinco de Mayo Adidas.

Photo: @SallyNeiman

Kobe Bryant’s ‘Mexican Blanket’ Nike Shoes, Not as Cool as ‘Cinco de Mayo’ Sneakers, but they’re OK


I totally missed this (it must be the exhaustion from working extra hours doing nothing) but the almighty Kobe Bryant finally released the $110 Mexican Blanket Nike shoes, which -as everybody knows- are as cozy and sporty as a real Mexican blanket; except that you can buy a Mexican blanket in any Mexican flea market for about 30 pesos.

Nevertheless, the Nike Kobe 8 Mexican Blanket shoes are available for purchase online, and while they look totally awesome, I think they are not nearly as cool as the Cinco de Mayo sneakers.

What are you waiting for? Pick a pair and get ready to go ‘dunking’ á la mexicana.