Meet Harry Poller: The Magician Behind Delicious Chicken

From the always-popular section Mexicans: How can anyone not like us? comes one of the world’s smartest name ever, spotted somewhere in Mexico, home of some of the most surreal (i.e. wondrous stuff I’ve ever seen.)

Are you still not sure Mexico is the funnest place on Earth? Check out some of the following:

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Wanna Grow Old? Go Buy Chicken at this Mexican Chicken Shop

Wanna grow old?

Today in the always popular section of Mexicans: How can Anyone not Like us I give you this chicken shop somewhere in Mexico whose slogan is just perfect –and quite impossible to translate without losing all its beauty. But basically, if you want to grow old (viejito,) you might want to go pay $65 pesos (about $3.5 USD) for a pollito (little chicken).

Photo via: Reddit