Why Look like a Reguar Dude when you Can Look Like El Chapo Guzmán?

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Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán might be doomed to live in a prison cell forever, but that doesn’t mean we’ll be seeing lots of him everywhere. Or at least in the world of fashion.

Yes, my friends, el Chapo’s 29-year-old, Instagram-savvy wife Emma Coronel has officially launched El Chapo Guzman: JGL LLC, a brand new firm charged with designing clothes, shoes and accessories under the name –what else–  El Chapo Guzmán: JGL.

“This project is an idea Joaquin and I have had for a long time,” Coronel told the New York Daily News. “Before he was in the USA we talked a lot about this topic. Really, it’s both of our ideas.”

Well, isn’t that narco-romantic?

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The Mexican Government Wants You to Know El Chapo Has not Escaped Again –Yet

This is an actual photo posted Friday night by Mexico Secretary of the Interior, Miguel Angel Osorio Chong. LOL
This is the actual photo posted Friday night by Osorio Chong. LOL

My country is the bestest

On Friday night, after rumors that El Chapo Guzmán had escaped from a Mexican prison for the third time began appearing on social media, Mexico’s Secretary of the Interior, Miguel Osorio Chong, posted the above photo, with one simple message: “For the rumors, an image…”

Osorio Chong’s tweet was not only liked and retweeted by thousands of tuiteros, but it proved — once again — that Mexico is home of the surreal and the truly hilarious.

Wanna see the memes about this photo? Check back soon. This blogger is too busy planning her summer vacation working



Ready for Halloween? El Chapo Full Costume is Here. And it’s Awesome

¡Llévelo! ¡Llévelo!
¡Llévelo! ¡Llévelo!

My people have done it my friends.

Not content with giving the world the spectacular Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump piñatas, Mexicans are now jumping on the Halloween bandwagon with the all-inclusive El Chapo full costume, which comes complete with a latex mask and a traditional white-and-black striped prison uniform that reads — what else? — #NoEraPenalDeMaximaSeguridad.

El Chapo’s costume is available on sites, including Mercado Libre, retailing for about $25*

*Tunnel and bird NOT included

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¡Sí, Se Puede! El Chapo Guzmán Makes it to ‘Forbes’ List of Gazillionaires!


Move over, Carlos Slim. Another “notable” Mexican, our very own drug lord El Chapo Guzmán, 54, has made Forbes’ list of billionaires with a fortune described as “self-made.” (Please, don’t be fooled by the cheap-looking Gortex jacket.)

According to Forbes, the fortune of drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán is estimated at around $1 billion — No. 701 on the list– right between a Swiss oil-trading tycoon and a U.S. chemical heir and just on pair with Televisa’s Emilio Azcárraga-Jean.

Oh, and he is only 54, which makes us believe a bright future still awaits the Sinaloa native.

¿Quién dijo que no se puede?