Look! It’s a Concha! It’s a Chancla! It’s a Con-chancla!

Move over Con-chamacos! Mexican Mother’s Day is today, so Panadería KaryCar, a pastry shop in Jalisco, had the awesome idea of launching the con-chanclas, a concha/chancla combination that is going to make your mamá very happy.

Now… if they only worked a bit harder on their grammar, because, as y’all know: #AccentsMatter

It’s mamá, not mama

Via: Panadería KaryCar

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This Mexican Cemetery Was Used to Make Porn Movies, Because Mexico

Porn actress Janeth Rubio took to Twitter to show off the awesome location of her most recent film

I bet you’ve never heard of Mezquitán, Jalisco, but that’s OK, because there’s nothing really going on there… Until this week, when a local porn actress informed us that she had been filming her latest feature film at the neighborhood’s local cemetery.

“Where do you think I just shot a scene?,” Janeth Rubio asked her Twitter followers. The answer: A selfie and several other pics showing Rubio at the Mezquitán Municipal Cemetery.

Local authorities said they have opened an investigation and promise to punish the perpetrators and all that. But this blogger would like to plead with them and show some mercy to this young creators. After all, I bet that is the most exciting thing that has happened in Mezquitán in, like, forever.

So, give these people a break, will ya?

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