Lou Dobbs Wants you to Know the Migrant Caravan Is in the Mexican City of… WHAT? WHERE?

October 24, 2018 will forever be remembered as the day Fox News’ anchor and “Hispanic Hater in Chief” Lou Dobbs devoted a reasonably long time of his TV show to lash out at immigrants and report that the Migrant Caravan had already reached the Mexican town of….


Please listen carefully and let this blogger know where the hell this Mexican town is. Meanwhile, I’ll just go back to LMAO.

Hat tip: Querétaro (Pueblétaro) correspondent @MehniG 

Lou Dobbs to Telemundo: Leprosy Was Brought to the U.S. by South East Asians, not Hispanics. Duh!

Don’t believe everything you hear: Lou Dobbs is actually our BFF and he wants us to know we are not the ones responsible for bringing leprosy to this country… it was -who else?– those damn South East Asians…!

So, in solidarity with my fellow, recently-fired communicator, I am hereby boycotting curry and noodles [until further notice].

[If you have nothing better to do, and want to watch the full interview, where Telemundo’s María Celeste Arrarás calls him “Mr. Dobb” instead of Mr. Dobbs- click here:]

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‘El Diario’ Says ‘Adiós’ to Our Favorite Hate Monger

Under an op-ed piece titled Good-bye to an anti-hispanic, New York City’s El Diario La Prensa today applauded CNN for the decision to oust Lou Dobbs, who -among other things- had claimed immigrants are responsible for “an increase in leprosy in the U.S.”

In its Thursday editorial, El Diario editors stated:

“We applaud the determined organizing by Latino, immigrant and media groups and we applaud CNN for coming to the right decision… Now, we’re off to get Beck and O’Reilly.”

[Well, actually that last bit was a contribution by this blogger.]

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