Is Your Home Becoming Dirtier by the Minute? ¡Cuidado! You Might be an Acculturated Latino

Clorox seems to know a thing or two about the cleaning habits of my people (i.e. Hispanics.)

The company that informed us that cleaning is a “rite of passage” for Latino women, now wants you to know that such speckless tradition dies off as we acculturate.

Let me explain. Or, rather, let’s hear it directly from David Cardona, Clorox multicultural marketing chief, as he recently told AdAge:

“As Hispanics become more acculturated, they still maintain similar cleaning habits, even though they clean less […] For instance, he said less acculturated Hispanics index at 140, meaning they clean 40% more than non-Hispanics. That index declines as they become more acculturated, and hits 100, or the same as non-Hispanics, for the most acculturated Hispanic consumers.”

Mind you. This fascinating discussion comes á propos of Clorox launching a new line of Hispanic-targeted line of cleaning products, which, for reasons this blogger cannot fully comprehend, is called Clorox Fraganzia.

I mean, prior to my being acculturated, I used to say “fragancia,” as we say in proper Spanish. But you never know. Perhaps the dirt that abounds in my acculturated Latino home has messed up my vocabulary as well.

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