Gringos are Happier than Mexicans. The Dutch are Just Too High to Care

So much for the so-called Mexican joy. It turns out the happiest country in the world is Denmark, according to the latest Happiness report, followed by Puerto Rico and Colombia. Even the United States (which ranked #16) turned out to be happier than Mexico (#18).

Puerto Rico and Colombia I understand, with all the dancing and stuff going on. But Denmark???!!! Give me a break. If you asked me, the whole thing would have been more credible if Holland had made it to the top.

Why? Just check out the news:

“The Netherlands today became the latest European country to introduce a ban on smoking in public places. Smoking marijuana will still be allowed in Holland’s famous coffee-shops, but smokers on the premises will not be allowed to mix it with tobacco.”

… Now, that’s one happy place!
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3 thoughts on “Gringos are Happier than Mexicans. The Dutch are Just Too High to Care

  1. Good point about the clumsy rank of Dutch on the happiness scale. The University of Michigan – which conceived the survey- must have not taken into account of the second-hand “high” effect, which will be even stronger now that it is any longer possible to mix pot and tobacco.

  2. I heard an “expert” on NPR the other day make a comment about this study. His theory was that the Dutch have habitually low expectations about life, which explains their generally higher level of happiness. Basically starting each day expecting the worst to happen, makes it a pleasant surprise when it doesn’t 🙂

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