This Lady Wants your [Foreign] Tongue

There is politically correct advertising, and then there is Vicky Form.

In this print ad -found in Vanidades magazine- the lingerie line introduces us to Erika Maldonado, a seemingly normal (and hopefully professional) translator with a knack for foreign lenguas (tongues.)

Judging from what she is [barely] wearing, one can only assume the lenguas she claims to love are not exactly native tongues nor mother tongues, but just tongues. Then again, we see the Spanish, French and Italian flags falling mysteriously from the sky.

(I did a lousy job cutting this ad, but I swear Erika is clutching a French dictionary in her right hand.)

Oh, la, lá!

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2 Responses to This Lady Wants your [Foreign] Tongue

  1. elconejoks says:

    Checked the web site..but what is “Habla Hispana”, I only learned Spanish from persons with no more than high school education and many times less.

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