Clinton on the Sacred Cloak: Who Painted This Thing?

MEXICO-US-CLINTONAnd speaking of God and his many talents, Hillary Clinton failed to acknowledge one of his mightiest deeds. Ever. During her recent visit to Mexico City’s Basílica de Guadalupe, the Secretary of State was so mesmerized by the sacred cloak of Juan Diego, that she couldn’t help but ask:

“And who did you say painted this thing?”

Thank goodness Monseñor Diego Monroy was at hand to provide the only correct answer.

“God!” he replied.

Of course. And you thought HE was only good at teaching English.

4 thoughts on “Clinton on the Sacred Cloak: Who Painted This Thing?

  1. Me parece que hay que hablar con el autor del libro anterior para pedirle que escriba: “Aprenda sobre los temas esenciales de la cultura mexicana antes de su primer viaje como secretaria de estado, con la ayuda de Dios”…LOL O sea, no lo puedo creer!!!

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