Virgin Mary Picks Univision for Latest Apparition

A Greenville, Wisconsin family is living proof that miracles do happen when you watch Univision.

The local ABC affiliate in Green Bay is reporting that the Timayo family was happily watching El Show the Cristina on Monday night when, at around 9:30 p.m something odd happened to their TV set:

“We was watching the program and just the TV froze, and it started appearing some images there, the Virgin Mary and another Virgin of Guadalupe and others,” Victor Timayo told WBAY-TV. (I wonder how Telemundo could ever beat that.)

The Timayos, who live in a mobile home, get their TV signal delivered by Dish TV, but their neighbors were not that lucky, for they were stuck with the perpetual image of Santa Cristina Saralegui in one of her highly-rated weekly apparitions.

2 thoughts on “Virgin Mary Picks Univision for Latest Apparition

  1. What???? I have Dish Latino and watch El Show de Cristina every week, but ain’t no virgins there! I want my money back!

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