We Querer Mucho America (the Continent, that is)

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) knows a lot about screwing financing the Thirld World, and now it wants to say so with a song.

On Friday, at its Annual Meeting in Miami, the IDB launched Yo Amo America [sic] campaign, “an advocacy and social marketing initiative” featuring Ricky Martin, Juanes and Juan Luis Guerra among others.

According to the IDB: Each celebrity will become the spokesperson for one strategic area in the fight against poverty, including birth registration, early childhood development and access to financial services, housing and safe drinking water.

Oh.. and by the way: to some of the geographically-challenged people commenting on my March 31 Absolut Vodka posting, America is a continent not a country.

13 thoughts on “We Querer Mucho America (the Continent, that is)

  1. Ah LOL….geographically challenged people LOL (again).

    I think it was hillarious how many comments you received for that post, not only how many but how long some people wrote, they were genuine essays on your post.

    I totally support the idea of America as a continent, and many other friends of mine do.
    And what was once part of Mexico was big enough to not be hidden under many years so, don’t get bothered thinking you’re offended.

    You have bigger problems than the size of California and New Mexico and whatever else…..so do we.

    Plus Mexico is a great country with or without that “manzana de la discordia” (translate that), for many other things, so is USA.

    Cheer up you all!!

    (LOL, geographically challenged….sorry can´t help it)

  2. North America is a continent, South America is a continent, United States of America is a country. They are each sometimes refered to as “America” for short.

  3. Thanks Daisy. Youre right NORTH AMERICA is a continent which includes Canada, the US and Mexico. United Stares of America AKA “America” is a COUNTRY. I think Laura Martinez needs to purchase a map.

  4. “AMERIQUE, Elle l’une des cinq parties du monde; L’Amérique est formeé de deux vastes masses trianqulaires (Amérique du Nord et Amérique du Sud), reliées par un isthme étroit (Amérique centrale)” … per Le Petit Larousse Illustré, 2008. –Jean Roucal.

  5. Sorry, since when has North America been designated as a continent? And if that were true, how dou you call what’s below Mexico, South America and Central America or you just refer to it as Latin America?
    As far as I’m concerned there are only 5 continents in the world as precisely Monsieur Roucal writes right above.

    Do Canadians living in Vancouver or any south canadian city say that they go to America when visiting say Seattle, New York or Chicago or other city? (I guess NOT…I’m only guessing, do not believe me just because, it’s just a weird idea).

    Most people when visitng a country in a continent they’ve never been before refer to the continent, not the country (please realize I’m saying MOST, not EVERYONE) of course there’s the australian exception. So people crossing the Atlantic Ocean (between America and Europe/Africa) meant what we now know as USA saying America. And that America name meaning USA stayed with every new descendant. But really think about it is USA America or is it just a part of it.

    In case USA is America thank you for lending the America word in order to name Latin, Central and South Americas after it. Also thanks for letting us celebrate with you the day Christopher Columbus discovered USA on October 12th 1492.

  6. Yolanda, if she needs assistance of a map, you need a lesson about history. The new landmass “discovered” in 1492 was called “The New World” till the beginning of the XVI century. America was the term that started to be used and everyone (Canada to Tierra de Fuego) was from America (continent) and hence “American”. North, Central and South are just subcontinents of the huge landmass. Why the world refer to USA as America? Many possibilities. One of them heads back to the colonial times, because Britain started calling America and Americans to the ones in their colonies. Most of Europe suddenly started using that restrictive term probably because English America was much more wealthy and trader, while Spanish and Portuguese America was not.

    Another one I find stupid is saying “America” as a short for the United States of America. Stupid and lame answer. Why then US people get surprised when I say I am from America and then I say I am from my latin american country? They look at me saying “You’re not from America”. USA is geographically challenged (I would say knowledge-* challenged. No disrespect, but most of this people know anything about the rest of the world.)

  7. Roberto and Ricardo, you need to realize that there is no world standard for the number of continents in the world. Latin american along with parts of europe, particularily spain, and greece along with japan and iran subscribe to the 6 continent model. USA, Canada, the vast majority of Europe and Asia(particularily China) subscribe to the seven continent theory of a north and south america as seperate continents.

    Ricardo, yes that is how people in north america refer to the people south of Mexico, South america, nicknamed latin america. Actually ya the vast majority of canadians do say they are heading for america. Apparently according to roberto, you are geographically challenged as you refer to a 5 continent model. As for as americans(USA) are concerned there are 7 continents instead of the 5.

    Roberto, you brought up that saying america as a short for the USA is a stupid and lame answer, well its not a stupid or a lame answer, it is the answer. So why then are they surprised that someone from South America would claim they are an american? Because to them the word american only means citizen of USA, the word South American to them is a more appriopriate answer. You claiming you are an american and your reason for that answer would be just as equally stupid and lame as those you are critical of when they say america is short for USA.

    So no they are not geographically challenged, its what they and what you are taught. By your definition you could make the claim that UK people are sexually challenged because when you say the word fag in UK it doesn’t mean a sexual orientation while in the US it means homosexual.

    My question to both of you is this, does it really matter that the whole world doesn’t subscribe to the idea that the Americas are not one continent when the world can’t have one standard in education when it comes to how many continents there are? I mean ricardo subscribes to 5 continents, roberto most likely subscribes a 6 continent model and I subscribe to a 7 continent model. Does it really matter in the end?

  8. here there are some links. You will find them very interesting.


    Here there are the other links:

    This is a map from 1770, before USA independence

    And the last link


    If telling the truth, makes anti-USA, then I am.

    But after all this information, answer me:

    who has stolen the identity of whom?

    1. David no offense but again europe for the most part, asia(particularily china) and canada and the US teach that America is a country, not a continent. Too you it is a continent that is fine, however though you need to also respect that your belief isn’t considered a universal fact/scientific fact. Just like how it isn’t a fact that America is a country and not a continent. There are no truths here david in what you said but there are no lies either. Your both right and wrong, just like how someone who believes that America is a country is both right and wrong.

  9. The continent division thing sucks. Ive been thaught in my school that there are 6 continents: America, Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania and Antartida. But why the fuck do us americans want to divide America into two different continents? and why just not leaving in the 6 continent model? how hard is just to leave europe and asia divided? and antartida is big enough to be consider as a continent. Im my point of view it should be like this: America, Asia, Africa. Europe, Oceania and Antartida, with the supercontinent being Afro-Eurasia. How hard is just to leave that conception of the continents?

    1. I’m curious to as to why russia and most asians countries want europe and asia to be one continent called eurasia.

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