Oliver Stone Totally Hearts Chávez; Fears His New Movie Will not be Shown in U.S. [I Wonder Why]


There is one thing that has Americans even more pissed than Obama speaking to their precious little brats children, and that is the fact that their very own, U.S.-born, Oscar-winning director Oliver Stone is now, like Hugo Chávez’ BFF.

Stone’s latest documentary, South of the Border premiered on Monday at the Venice Film Festival, to the chagrin of many and with a happy-looking Chávez walking the red carpet.

This blogger has not yet seen the film, so it will be best to refrain from making any further comments. Watch the trailer below and let me know what you think.

Are we ready to have Stone join the Axis of Evil yet?

30 thoughts on “Oliver Stone Totally Hearts Chávez; Fears His New Movie Will not be Shown in U.S. [I Wonder Why]

  1. Mr. Oliver Stone stated that he did his research on Venezuela. He should go to live in Venezuela to see the poverty in which Venezuelans live while money is spent on defense. His people go hungry, live in huts, the government do not pay its workers for a days work, and the list go on. He has almost, soon to be toal elimination of the media except for his own television channel.

    Hugo Chavez is a dictator who is a military person. He speaks of war against Columbia and the USA because he truly wants a war. He has been buying weapons prior, and practicing war games with the Russians prior to the Columbian/USA agreement. He needs to use his “toys” somehow.

    The problem is that Hugo Chavez seems emotionally perturbed as showned with his outbursts in public,using foul language as he pleases, seemingly changing his mind about the FARC (while riding a bycicle). His instability makes him very dangerous as he can act, without thinking of the consequences in his country, Colombia, USA and the civilised world.

    The fact that he has bought most South American leaders by sending them money for their campaigns is a further problem. He has started a competition in armament in South America, except for Argentina.

    When a bomb explotes in the USA courtesy of Hugo Chavez,or his lackies, will Oliver Stone be picking up the pieces of North American human lives? I bet not!

    1. It is incredible what US people can say about president Chavez and our revolution, all because of the distortion of their media.
      Nidia, i encourage you to investigate by yourself the true reality in Venezuela, and, please, don´t believe whatever is on tv about Chavez. Our president has been in office for 10 years thanks to our votes, on an average of 59%. Working class and midleclass people in Venezuela are enjoying a free, universal and efficient health care system for the first time in our history. The iliteracy has been abolished. Our kids eat three times at schools for the first time. The employment rate is the lower in 30 years…and so on. Please, open your mind to reality.


      Let me tell you, I am an ecuadorian citizen and your comments really need to have some work done. It just makes me really sad, that people like you have the guts to write something like this. You really need to find a high school crapy blog to even respond. This is serious, please, just go back to some history facts, and read about all the atrocities your government did during the past two hundred years, not just in South America, but everywhere else.
      You need to inform yourself well. Venezuela making business with other countries is essential and extremely important for Latin America, US government is afraid about losing our wealth, because without a free commerce from us, they will be on serious troubles.
      This in one site that may help you, (http://www.chomsky.info/articles/20061003.htm) and look at what one of the most intelligent person in the states have to say. Look at his site as well. You will be surprised.
      Ah! And I almost forget. It is COLOMBIA not COLUMBIA. Where did you study? Really, where?
      Best regards.

  2. No, this is all not true, what Nidia says. Chavez did a LOT for the People of Venezuela – he is not a Dictator, this is a lie, he was elected by the people and most people love him! If anybody speaks about dictatoship the xou can be sure that he is trying to brainwash you! Chavez did something for the people, not for the companies, and that is the reason why especially US Citizens are totally brainwashed about what goes on in Venezuela- also in Europe mainstream media speaks about Chavez like the new Saddam Hussein – but in fact theseis just FUD. Go and educate yourself, instead of reiterating lies.

  3. The only thing that we know about Chavez and Venezuela is, unfortunately, what the Bush-led media has led us to believe. Remember they also led us to believe in WMDs in Iraq. There is no evidence, that I know of, that Chavez is attempting to forcibly unite other countries around Venezuela into his. He seems to have separated his economy from the American dollar. It is about time that we stopped trying “nation building” until we can get rid of the criminal organizations in our own country. The Federal Reserve, for example.

  4. I don’t know where Augusto and Glen get there facts (I suspect Augusto is paid to say them) but they have no bearing on reality. I work with at least 6 Venezuelans and the reason they are not there is because the country is so poor and led by a dictator! Augusto is the only one lying here. Glen is just too busy blindly accepting the lies put out by the Liberals in this country to go out and find the truth.

  5. Any president willing to buy weapons to their country instead of feeding and educating his nation in freedom, it’s a foul disguised as a king. A president is supossed to be a behaviour model, someone you can look at and follow his steps. I agree that sometimes, the media can guide the people’s opinion in one way or another. But, he’s done enough things by himself. A president who closes TV channels just because they don’t tell the things as he wishes, that’s to say, telling the whole time how great he is, does not deserve the right of being where he is. A president who makes more efforts to prolong his stay in the power than to resolve his country issues (not few, specially), doesn’t sound like he’s caring for his population. Sounds like someone who has found a rich way of living where he’s the owner of everything your eyes can see.

  6. This made me cry. Totally, you can tell that Olive Stone interviewed all these presidents in their amazing mansion. Oliver, doesn’t live in Venezuela or in Ecuador, or Bolivia, or Brazil or Argentina. Oliver in the USA has the freedom to do what he is just doing know. TO SPEAK. In Venezuela, we don’t have that freedom. Chavez is eliminating that. There is no food, there is a huge poverty, no education. Education is manipulated by Chavez. Caracas is 4th most dangerous city in the world. The homicide rate in Caracas has more than doubled since he is in power. All the oil money that Chavez gets THANKS TO THE USA mainly, is used for a propaganda that has split the country in two societies. There is hate among Venezuelans. There is no decency, there is no production of food or goods. All day long Chavez, is in your face insulting you. Clearly, Oliver sees that these presidents are against USA and that is something that maybe Oliver likes. Because Oliver doesn’t agree on how USA is run. But he has the freedom to do that!.

    I can see that USA is not a perfect country. TELL ME, MISTER OLIVER which country is the best one? There is non. Please, go and live really into the deep of each country you did your research and then make a movie about it. If the USA media is “manipulating” the news, don’t you think the CHAVEZ media is manipulating too.

    Pregnant women gives birth in the street in Venezuela, that is shameful to say. And for you Oliver to make some million dollars on a documentary which is not even true, it is sad. HOW MUCH DID THEY (those presidents – meaning CHAVEZ paid you?).

    Also, do you call a democracy when a president change the constitution to his own will? if Bush, Obama or any USA president does that, congress and the American people will go against that. Yes, Chavez won his first election, yes, people voted for him. But not for him to put Venezuela in misery. So please OLIVER educate yourself.

  7. It is a real shame that a lier like Chavez is now glorified by Oliver Stone(here in this link with an interview done just one day before he won his first election, saying he will not nationalize media or private business, he will only stay 5 years as president, saying that Cuba is a dictatorship, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0n5I6gilHvE , all lies!) Here is another link of Chavez blaspheming, praying “Our Father” (changing some words) to Fidel Castro, !a murderer cynically compared to Christ!!Insane! Chavez’ Venezuela is currently the Latin American country with the highest crime rate, highest inflation (he already had to change the currency). He had several times crushed, repressed protests against his government with extreme brutality, causing deaths into the civilians. He had attacked all kinds of media, TV, newspapers, radios, even closing the most important TV network of Venezuela (RCN). His family had gone from poverty to extreme wealth in the last 10 years (¿amazing coincidence?) his brother is currently owner of the Zamora soccer team, his mother is now a wealthy lady wearing lots of jewels and who had several plastic surgeries (http://seniales.blogspot.com/2008/09/en-busca-de-la-mam-de-chvez.html), his father is now the wealthy governor of Barinas (a Venezuelan state), his daughters are now spoiled brats that can afford to assist to Madonna’s concert in Paris (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NULI4D1yzVg), all these stories of success for this family while the Venezuelans live in extreme poverty, although during the last 10 years oil prices have the government filled up with wealth. You can see this independent report from Norwegian tv denouncing the corrupted government of Chavez http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZzCSGWb-5k
    I don´t mean to be disrespectful, but ¿What kind of asshole can praise this gorilla, this monster?

  8. It seems it’s the wealthy in Venezuela who oppose Chavez because they are being knocked off their perch of privilage which has hitherto been an unhindered feeding frenzy. I have suggestion for unhappy Venezuelans who oppose the revolution which aims to distribute the wealth of the nation more equitably, buy a ticket to occupied Azania. There you can have all the press freedoms and milk and honey that you desire. It’s a paradise for vultures like yourselves who wish to control the media and keep a nation impoverished while getting fatter from generation to generation.

    I am very keen to see Mr Stone’s latest film. Thank you for a wonderful blog item.

  9. I would like to say that Chavez is proverbially “shining a turd.” He see’s value in Venzeulas riches that, unfortunatley, are not his people – but the vast control of Venezuala’s oil fields.

    As far as the world, or for that matter – the people of Venezuela – No one gave a rat’s ass about you except for whom? Jeez – that’s a stretch. While the US had filled the coffers, fed, and protected that shit hole for the last 200 plus years – well – not much of a pay off or even a Goddamn reach around.

    The US won’t let Venezuela starve – but they should rub their thankless noses in the filth that they created.

    Go fuck yourself Oliver Stone.

  10. no one likes stone
    no one likes chavez
    wordpress sold out to hollywood like everyother “post your free thoughts for
    us to steal your time” social networking conglomerate
    what’s funny is stone and chavez share the same internal farce toward latin america, latin america doesn’t favor chavez, art doesn’t favor stone,
    you wanna see something real from latin america that took 5 years to mine out on celluloid, check this out

    1. it is funny, but yours looks not very good and stone’s looks good. maybe you should redefine what you call “art”.

  11. I have lived in South America, and the USA. Hands down, the health care system in most of Latin America urban areas far exceeds that of the USA. The sentiment in Latin America is one that the USA has been loaning money in unfair ways and being a bully. This is somewhat true, however international loans are a good thing. Chavez has the courage to stand up for his country and fight the powers that be, which the USA once did to England long ago. I think his stance is aimed towards at independence rather than world domination or war. As for Oliver Stone, he has always enjoyed being a trouble maker, and getting attention from his often anti american/anti patriotic stance. He is simply an artist and a salesman and you can buy his art or chose not to. Personally, I think his talent is going down hill.

  12. Venezuela will pay for many years to come thanks to Chavez. You people that love him will soon come to realize that this can not sustain itself and you will become just another failed government with the poor even poorer

    1. Venezuela’s president is doing what nobody else did for fear. Why all the benefit should go to the US, Latin America has a lot to offer, and we are openning ground with new countrys that look at us independently, and not being pupets of the imperialism, open your eyes, and see our countries grow in peace.

  13. My true respect to you Nidia Novak. IT IS A TOTAL DISGRACE THAT some one live Stone , that DOES NOT live in LATAM has the GUTS to do such work. THIS DOCUMENTARY COST 40 MILLION DOLLARS TO THE VENEZUELAN PEOPLE!
    meanwhile 120 dye each week because of delincuency due to HUNGER and POVERTY. I encourage Mr PIEDRA to move to ROCA TARPELLA for 6 MONTHS ….and then make a real movie of what this revolution has brought to Latinamerica.


    América Latina ha destinado 34.000 millones de dólares a gastos militares*BY CHAVEZ
    Dictan privativa de libertad a estudiante Julio Rivas y será trasladado al Rodeo****** ANTI CHAVISTA STUDENT
    La SIP alerta sobre las amenazas de cerrar Globovisión y 29 emisoras**GETTING READY TO CLOSE ANOTHER TV STATION BECAUSE TELLS DIFERENT NEWS THAN THE ROBOLUTIONAY!
    Falleció mujer embarazada por AH1N1 en el estado Lara*** THE GREAT MEDICAL POLITICS HAVE HEALTH OVER HILLS!

  15. Dont be fool by those who have the power of the money…listen to the people , the real ones, the ones that dont even know how to write!


  16. The Chavistas eat speeches… they don’t care about all our problems… they only live in what the Government says… nothing else… and that was the problem with our past… no one care about anything… they only feel like they are part of something… like a sport team… open your eyes we are not a color… we are not red or white or green or orange or yellow… we are venezuelan… and I am telling you I don’t care who is the president… if he is doing it wrong… I have the right to criticize… and will be still Venezuelan… not a “escualido” or any other word… why our President hear those voices that claim for solutions instead of insulting and using the force to shout their voices… I want a President who instead of talking of war, talks about life… who hear both sides and really try to help his people… who really make justice against corruption… and don’t see to the other side……. now we have this movie… and the ignorance continue with what I thought was an intelligent man…

  17. Oh! My god!!! Carolina, well it is a free world after all, US is killing people under the idea of keeping terrorist out of the world… Seriously they are doing that. Well they are just doing that. The new socialism is only trying to change as much as posible this poverty that was created by presidents pro the united states, we where manipulated. But gues what? NO MORE. The left is rising back once more.

  18. Oliver Stone movie: South of the border
    Some say:”I will never watch a movie of him again”… I don’t know if I can be so defiant, but I’ll say to Mr. Oliver: shame, shame, shame… The ten years where Chavez has been president, 150thousand people have died as victims of street crime, just last year 843 died within the prisons run by the State, this number jumps out in light of the contrast over the same period: Colombia, 7 died, Brazil, 15 died; 85% of those killed are under 25 years old, our youth is been killed as a consequence of the indolent, selfish and clumsy management government. But for all this, the poor soul Stone does not know; moreover, we out rank Colombia as the country with most kidnapped, the subscriber was threatened lately and by the way, I voted for Chavez in 1998, never did I foresee he will still be president today, ten year after; this should show all of us, how naïve we could all be.
    The main three problems in Venezuela are Inflation, Unemployment and Street Crime. Inflation: biggest in America, rank 5th in the world; before the Central Bank closed the office in charge of publication the Macro-Economic figures, the procedure by which those studies where made was confronted early by government officials creating controversy and ambiguous arena where the government and general public develops. Street crime: most victims are humble poor, and it does not discriminate among government officials or private sector, Unemployment: seven thousand Company’s have either gone or close, There is a collapse of public hospital: Mother to be had to hop from public hospital to another before landing on the side walk where she delivered a child, mean while Chaves financed Hospitals abroad: Inaugurated one in Montevideo, gave 20 or more ambulances to Bolivia… take a look on how many accompany Chavez on this trip to Venice… I am not a journalist, I am just immensely worried for the future of Venezuela and I feel how stupid Stone might be to make a movie for the sake of fictional, and therefore idiotic justice, Chavez might be bringing to the Venezuelans and to the world.
    It is of public domain how this government wants to diminish free speech, because it portraits how enormously clumsy his administration ends up to be, it took away 29 Radios Statios signal and announce 30 more; it took away Microwave Tv antennas belonging to Globo Vision in order to shorten its capacity to broadcast, It also took away, 2 years ago, repeaters all over the nation and its signal to broadcast belonging to the oldies Tv Station: RCRTV, defiant to the president today whom praised him in those early days when Chavez emerged as one of the leaders from a coup d’Etat in 1994.

  19. It would be nice if Chavez denounced FARC and refused to provide assistance to them. Stone is just trying to be Michael Moore, anyone who can read knows that South America is swinging to the left, because the lack of attention and probably inability of bush admin. to do anything production in South America.

    Chavez is trying to become a dictator. if his policies were so great he would want to follow the constitution of his own country.

    Stone is a moron, or a tool.

  20. it is amazing how chavez supporters keep saying that he is not a dictator beacuase he was ” democraticly elected”. Ill tell those who dont know it, how it is. i am venezuelan, i live in venezuela, and that person has destroyed everything tha was great about our country. he simply has truned it into a war zone..literaly.. there are more people murdered in venezuela every weekend than in iraq. it has comletely divided the country, he has made the poor hate the hard working middle class and of course the rich..for him ti doesn’t matter how you got your things, if you have certain material things then you are evil. Another thing…he is so democratic that he has cornered everyone who disagree with him, he has also militarized the whole country by putting many ex military friends in key goverment places. There is absolutely no independace of powers in venezuela, everything is run by him, if one day he decides to take over a hotel or a corporation it is done, congress makes up a new law and boom!! they make it legal. So dont let yourselves be fooled by oliver stone and his now so convient lies, as he has done over and over and over in all of his movies (and i was a fan of his, in fact i own many of his movies, until i discoverd how deliverately distords the truth). The thing is, Chavez and many of his followers because i wont deny he has many followers, want the world to believe that his revolution is so great, tha everthing is perfect and happy that us venezuelans have free universal health care ( which works like crap, and we had it way before he came into power, as we have also have free college education for over 40 years now) that everybody is happy, tha nobody wants to leave the country. well tha is a lie, everybody is leaving at least the peaole who can, the greates minds are leaving the country beacause if you dont think like them you are doomed. the whole country is falling apart mean while he is giving presents to other countries and living the rockstar life because thats what he wants to be a rockstar or a moviestar nothing more, and the world stands looking simply because he “won” the elections, well maybe he did or he didnt all i know is tha they control everything even the electoral power so, there you have it. Chavez is a dictator for the 21st century, he rigs or wins elections (i wont denay he won for many years beacause he was inmensly popular) , therefore he is considerd a democrat, and that gives him license to do whatever he wants. as if i recall well fidel castro never lost an election in cuba, and saddam hussein won with like 99% wich is riculous, and were they democrats…. any way u just get tire of many people thinking they know when they dont, and all fo you americans should be greatful for having what you have with flaws byt far better than what we have here, and for al of you commies, your system doesnt work and it will never work because it only creats envy, and poverty, it equals everybody to the bottom not to the top, as churcill wisely said once… Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy, its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. – Winston Churchill

    “If I were asked the difference between Socialism and Communism, I could only reply that the Socialist tries to lead us to disaster by foolish words and the Communist drives us there by violent deeds.”

    “Socialism is inseparably interwoven with totalitarianism and the abject worship of the State.”

    freedom for all, and i pray to go everyday to rid us of this evil evil man (hugo chavez)

  21. and i apologize for so many mispells but i was writing so fast that i didn’t have time to recheck…
    greetings everyone

  22. Chavez is not going to be around for long . He stays in power because the poor people that do not want to work hard follow him . He in turn uses the oil that the country has to pay off the army and the pesents . This will soon come to an end his socialist type of government will soon come crasing down like a house of cards . The easy oil that he has been selling is coming to an end the remainder is the tough kind to get out of the ground . he has pusshed the experts out of the country with the take over of the western oil company’s . the price of oil is going down and the cost of food is going up he imports most of the food because the farmers do not know how to make the soil produce enough for the country . he took over the supermarkets and now has shortages of basics and that includes checken . The gas he needs for the cars in the country is refined in the dutch refinery on the island 90 miles away .that refinery can not use the new type of oil he willtry to get out of the ground . once the free money is gone then the pesents will turn on him and his goons and the west will return to bring the country back to where it should be . most of the real business folks know how to run the place he does not any more the castro his mentor .

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