Here’s How We Plan to Populate the U.S.

A Queens mother this month gave birth to six healthy (if tiny) babies, in what is believed to be first sextuples ever born to a Hispanic couple in the U.S.

Baby A, a boy, was born at 10:36 a.m.

Three more boys – B, C and D – arrived at 10:38.

Last came the girls – baby E 10:39 and F at 10:40.

Mother, father, and letter-named baby boys and girls are fine -and already thought of as the target of many, many market studies in the years to come. Will they be Spanish-dominant? Bilingual? Bicultural? Bicoastal? Bi-polar? Acculturated? Straight? English-dominant?

Only God, and market research, will tell.

Welcome all, paisanos (and be gentle with the little one on the right. He looks a bit squeezed there!)

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