Mexican Ponchos Pay Homage to ‘Fútbol’ and Football

Chivas, Steelers y México

Holy Trinity: Guadalajara, Pittsburgh and México

Only a true Mexican* understands the passion of some Mexicans for el futbol americano, known by gringos simply as football. The passion is such, you wear your team proudly, even if it comes in the form of a typical jorongo.

Los 'estílers'

Los ‘estílers’

*Yours truly

Photo: Laura Martínez, La Ciudadela, México City

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8 Responses to Mexican Ponchos Pay Homage to ‘Fútbol’ and Football

  1. sandy says:

    how do i order one of these

  2. Albert Ayala says:

    In interested in ordering two ponchos. One of the Houston Texans and also the one that has the Mexican flag on it with eagle, all green. Let me know ASAP.

  3. I need x 2 Carolina Panther ponchos, a Raider, and a Steeler one do u have a webite I can go to?

  4. How can I order NFL Ponchos from u in a small quantity until I can grow and order more. Starting off with 10

  5. I want to buy more than 5 for the right price!

  6. 2 of the Carolina Panthers, 1 steelers, 2 Raiders 1 Atlanta Hawks, 2 Cowboys, 1 redskins 1 greenbay Packers ! sf 49ers. How much for that?

  7. Tony Johnson says:

    Hi, I would like to place a very large order 2000 NFL Superbowl poncho 1000 for each team please contact me by my email thank you.

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