Friendly Reminder: It’s Empanadas, not Empañadas

As seen in 7-11
As seen in Woodstock, NY

Thanks to America’s clueless obsession with the Latin culture and such, a new trend/hashtag is making its debut today on this venerable blog. Joining the always popular #ItsColombiaNotColumbia, I give you: #ItsEmpanadasNotEmpañadas

And may I add…

… Chingao!

Photos via: @LParavano and @FavioUcedo 

2 thoughts on “Friendly Reminder: It’s Empanadas, not Empañadas

  1. I’ve tried to get the breathless H and the tilde-less N in habanero across to my gringo friends for many years. But now that we’re talking about Colombia, and tildes, could you please tell me if I am correct or not? Cartagena, in my not-so-humble opinion, is the single most beautiful city in all of Latin America that is not in Mexico. I haven’t been to Quito, and I’m told it’s lovely. But Cartagena is certainly the most beautiful city on The Spanish Main (and I have been to Havana and Veracruz). Gringos correct me regularly when I say it without the tilde. They say Carta-HAIN-ya. I swear the Colombians do not pronounce it that way. It’s like gnocchi — I get smug asshole waiters in Italian restaurants in Boston and New York correcting me, but my ears work in Rome, and my first cousins were second-generation Italians, don’t you bloody well correct me! Hard N in Cartagena, correct?

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