Quincy, Massachusetts Preps ‘Latin-Inspired’ Eatery: Tacos, Nachos, that Kind of Thing…

Pearl & Lime promises food with a Latin flair: Tacos, nachos, guac, that kind of thing…

Residents of Quincy, Massachusetts, are apparently very excited about Pearl & Lime, an upcoming 80-seat restaurant that promises fresh food with a “Latin flair,” targeting the demanding millennial palate.

But what exactly do they mean by Latin flair? Well, I’m glad you asked!

“What people really want is tacos, nachos, guac, that kind of thing,” co-owner Palmer Matthews told The Patriot Ledger in an inexplicably long news article.

But if “tacos, nachos, guac and that kind of thing” is not really your thing, these dudes have also “pulled in the agave spirits and really take creative license with all that Latin inspiration.”

There you have it. Next time you visit Quincy, Massachusetts (because I never will) you’ll have to take some time to visit this place and take a moment to rediscover –and pay homage to– your Latin roots.


Photo: Quincy Wicked Local

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