I Don’t Know you, but I’ll be Meeting with La Migra in April


Awww, New York City! — home of Mariachi SantasDominican sushi and life-size cardboard mariachis — is now proud to introduce you to La Migra, a Mexico-based norteño band that promises to rock your world on Friday April 8 in The Bronx.

According to a promo that has been plastered all over my neighborhood, La Migra will be soon playing at El Palenque, and the venue promises to let everybody in. Yes, EVERYBODY WILL BE ALLOWED TO COME IN.

Are you listening, Border Patrol?

Photo: Laura Martínez, Harlem 2016

The Bernie Sanders Corrido Will Have you Feel ‘El Quemazón’


What better way to show your love for Bernie Sanders than writing a song about feeling the burn … in Spanish?

That’s exactly what Grupo La Meta has done. The Mexican-American band from Modesto, California, has written El Quemazón, an homage to the Bernie Sanders, so that my people can also “Feel the Bern.”

He’s the man with a vision to better this country […] He’s running for president but the rich don’t want him. Bernie Sanders is his name. Now you’re going to feel his burn.


Via: Adrián Carrasquillo

‘Better Caul Saul’ to Feature Mariachi Band Singing About Lawyers, Cojones and Avocados

'Yo soy Saul; el amo y señor de los abogados, mis cojones son tan grandes como los avocados'
‘Yo soy Saul; el amo y señor de los abogados, mis cojones son tan grandes como los avocados’

Are you a fan of Better Caul Saul?

If so, you’d better get ready for Yo soy Saul, a catchy mariachi tune AMC has chosen to tease the upcoming Season 2 of the Breaking Bad spin-off.

Why a mariachi? Well, per Viewpoint Creative:

AMC was looking for a conceptual way to tease the second season of their critically acclaimed show, Better Call Saul. […] The spot needed to reflect the ‘crossroads’ theme, get returning fans excited, and create intrigue for those who hadn’t yet tuned in.

And, what better than a mariachi band singing about cojones, lawyers and avocados to do just that?

WATCH (below) and let me know what you think and/or if you need help understanding the lyrics.

Hat tip: @CableKent

This Ad Campaign Features ‘El Trumpo’ under the Threat of Dangerous Latinos


Miami-based Zubi advertising — which works for clients including Ford, Chase and American Airlines — has been making sure to operate under one simple motto: Erase Stereotypes.

So, in hopes of making the most out of the — still strong — Trump vs. Latinos brouhaha, Zubi has created a hilarious social campaign featuring — who else? — the King of Stereotyping My People (aka El Trumpo.)

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Despite my being Mexican and all, I did NOT steal these images. They were graciously offered to me by Zubi’s ECD Iván Calle. So, gracias for avoiding me a trip to the Copyright Infringement Offices. 

He’s not only dangerous; he’s also MEXICAN!


Watch out for Colombians. They’re way more dangerous than Columbians


…And don’t get him started on Mario


This Mexican Mayor Lifted a Woman’s Skirt in Public at a $1-Million Party, Because Mexico


Awwww Mexico…

The land of the collective smooch and the “coold cocnuts” is also the Global Headquarters of mustachioed, sombrero-clad disgusting politicians.

In the latest Kafkaesque episode of our never boring political telenovela, Mexican Mayor Hilario Ramírez Villanueva this week jumped to the spotlight after a video emerged showing the moment he whipped up the skirt of a young woman he was dancing with.

According to several reports, the footage was captured during the mayor’s lavish 44th birthday party for which he reportedly paid a whopping $1 million and which we can only assume featured plenty of booze, drugs and babes.

Ramírez Villanueva has shrugged off his critics and has denied spending that much on his birthday bash. He even asked [politely] Jorge Ramos to refrain from mentioning his mother –this, after the Univision anchor confronted the Mayor and asked him what he would think if someone did the same to his progenitor.

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 3.50.26 PM

Watch the interview below [in Spanish]:


This is the Only ’50 Shades of Grey’ Thing Worth Watching

50 Shades of Grey becomes 'Vieja lujuriosa' thanks to the always awesome Tres Tristes Tigres
’50 Shades of Grey’ becomes ‘Vieja lujuriosa’ thanks to the always awesome Tres Tristes Tigres. ¡Ajúa!

Thank God for Mexico’s Los Tres Tristes Tigres, who will always make the unbearable not only bearable but just awesome!

I’m sorry for the English-only crowd, the lyrics of this 50 Shades of Grey (aka Vieja Lujuriosa) are simply delicious.


Texas State University to Offer a Mariachi Postdoc… ¡Ajúa!


Tired of having your parents scolding you for not going to college? Law and Medicine are not your thing?

Worry no more! Now you can earn a ‘mariachi postdoc,’ thanks to an upcoming summer program at the State University of Texas in San Marcos.

According to this AP story, starting this summer the Latin Music department at STU will offer a summer postdoc in mariachi, which requires a total of 15 credits and courses in vihuela and guitarrón, among other relevant instruments.

The school already offers a Mariachi Teaching Certificate and a few other specialized music courses, including salsa and ranchero.

Who said college in America was boring?