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Bernie Sanders’ Spanish-language Website Is Offering Free Donuts –I Think

Remember when Bernie Sanders was “progresivo” in Spanish? Well, looks like in this, his second run for the US presidency, Bernie is still determined to court the vote of my people (i.e. The Hispanics.) This time around though, Bernie has … Continue reading

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The Bernie Sanders Corrido Will Have you Feel ‘El Quemazón’

What better way to show your love for Bernie Sanders than writing a song about feeling the burn … in Spanish? That’s exactly what Grupo La Meta has done. The Mexican-American band from Modesto, California, has written El Quemazón, an homage … Continue reading

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This Bernie Sanders Ad in Spanish Will [Hopefully] Make you Appreciate that Big Salad

In an effort to court Hispanics and — hopefully — make non-Hispanics think hard about what goes in their grande salads and Chipotle salsas, Bernie Sanders will be running a five-minute documentary in Spanish (below.) According to the New York Times (which … Continue reading

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Bernie Sanders en Español: Progresivo [sic], Honesto… and the Spanish Subjunctive is a Bitch

Bernie Sanders this week launched a new campaign ad in which we hear the Senator speak some Spanish at the end. While saying “Soy Bernie Sanders y apruebo este mensaje” is not a very difficult thing to say and have him practice, Bernie’s Hispanic … Continue reading

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