27 thoughts on “Mundo Fox Promises to be ‘Americano’ Como Tú

    1. We ARE americanos. We are actually not cool with the gringos taking the name americans to define themselves, excluding the rest of the continent.

      1. The French don’t consider people born outside of France or those who don’t speak French as their primary language to be “French.” If I being a white male moved to Mexico and spoke English all the time and maybe a little Español you would definitely not consider me “Mexican.” Why is it then you want us to call you Americans and you are not willing to learn our language and use it as your primary language. I have no problem with Hispanics or anyone for that matter being in this country and this is not meant to bash the Hispanic culture in any way but this country is America where we speak English, if you want to have an all Spanish network don’t involve the name American or Americanos. If you want to be an American, learn the language and watch the normal English speaking shows and and enjoy your new culture do not try to turn this into Mexico 2.

      2. That’s incredibly ignorant. The term “American” as used in the context of NATIONALITY, has nothing to do with the continent (or with South America, which you yourself have just excluded, Ponchito). It has to do with the United States of America. American as a nationality refers to citizens of the United States of America. It’s completely ridiculous to pull this ‘there’s a whole continent’ nonsense when anyone with half a functioning brain knows what it means when someone calls themselves “American” in reference to nationality. So you being ‘not cool with it’ is you being a fool. If you can’t actively differentiate between a country and continents which share a similar name, then that’s YOUR problem to deal with.


    1. Deb you really need to live in America to see that what your saying is not really true, but come out of that box you call a home and experience that Latinos are here! and that this is a wonderful thing! saludos confundida!

  2. Peruano-americano, mexicano-americano, etc. Que listos, ¿Qué no todos los que nacimos en el continente AMERICANO somos americanos?

  3. The title of the program clearly says that it`s appeal will be to any and all Latinos who identify with being American. What`s not to like? Oh! Too many people offended because Fox is producing the program. Afraid of the fact that many Latinos are conservative?

    1. I was born in Cuba and am proud of my heritage. Love to eat my Cuban dishes, enjoy the old Cuban music and get emotional listening to my parents’ stories of Cuba. BUT, I am more proud of becoming a citizen of the best country in the world. I am priviledged to be a part of make up/ the mix that makes the USA the best place in the world. I am also proud of our forefathers and our American history. I will not let anyone speak ill of this country without me defending it. I may have some emotional ties to Cuba and family I have there….But, my loyalty is to this country…..The United States of America. God Bless the USA.

      1. Good stuff Vistor! But what’s in a name? Where you live can define who you are if you let it but who WE are (collectively) and how we honor our differences defines a culture. I have had the privilege of circling the globe twice and living in Hong Kong (on buisness) for two years, all before I was 30. Never been to Europe proper, spent a lot of time in the Middle east, Souhteast Asia – I am NOT military. I was an archaeologist. Seen a lot of people. Worked with a lot of gangs in East LA and the West Side. Don’t make me any better than anyone. We’re all the same: people. Victor, I am proud to call you a fellow citizen, and even more graced to call you my fellow man, and truly embrace your heritage from Cuba. It’s made you what you have become and see here. I don’t care where you’re from – but yes, by and large, this country lets us be whatever we want. WE are the factions that stop that. Screw politics (sorry). It is not so in Syria, and the list can go on. We celebrate our differences by becoming one people that allows for them. Isn’t that a lafet wing idea? It isn’t Pollyanna either (she got a bum rap) – it’s a damned hard focused discipline to live and let live. I’m a Christian – love don’t come cheap; it has a price but oh the reward! So why are we bashing our differences and jumping each other for who was here first and who has claim to what name. Point is we ARE here now regardless of how we got here and how we make that work is what will make us great again as a PEOPLE: or we can kill this counttry and make us just like everyone else. Truth is cultural differences will not undo us as fast as economic variances are doing now. I wish I knew all languages – more than I do now (should I make a closing statement in Arabic? Like so?). I do know this: iron sharpens iron: our differences will either make sharp swords that we fall upon, or invincible weapons forged against anything that separates us as we the people of the United States… of America.

        I’m just hoping for some good TV and something that prospers the Hispanic, White, Black (although BET ain’t doing too bad) whatever communities.

  4. To be exact, we live in the United States OF America, not America. Everyone from Canada to Argentina lives in America. Either North America, Central America, or South America, but no one lives in just America because there is no such place. The US is the only country without a real name among those of the Americas. This only shows our ignorance of the facts and our arrogance. We’re better than that, so let’s star showing it.

    1. The United States of America IS a real name. There’s nothing remotely ignorant about it. The only ignorant thing about any of this is that people are foolish enough to try to claim that when people say they are “American”- referring to their nationality, which obviously means the United States of America- and others attempt to be pedantic and go on about how people in countries X, Y, and Z are also ‘American’ because the continent their countries are located on include “America” in the name. A continent is not a nationality, so only someone who is DELIBERATELY trying to cause problems would try to claim otherwise. When people say ‘American’, and are talking about a nationality, they’re not Canadian or Argentinian. They’re from the United States. And there is not a single educated person who isn’t entirely aware of this.

  5. This is supposed to the face and voice of the Latino population and all they could find was one dark skinned Latino? They keep saying Americano como tu, but it’s not even Latino Americano like us judging by the lack of color, and the weird terminology used to identify us. And again not even Estado Unidense- Como tu. And Boricua Americano…Who wrote this? Really gives me the creeps this commercial.

  6. Well, FOX is just trying to bank in on the Latino community. If Latinos weren’t the largest and youngest minority paying their taxes or spending their money in America, then a large American network like FOX wouldn’t be targeting a specific audience by using their native language. If you ask me, FOX has a lot of advertising money to be targeting the latino demographic…LOL It seems FOX just realized how much money Latinos bring in. Hmmm….guess they just found out how much money the channel UNIVISION makes!!! LOL

    Maybe FOX should have used a clip of Pit Bull’s song “Bon Bon” (We no speak Americano)

  7. You are NOT an American como me if you do not speak English
    You ARE if you respect this country and its laws and speak the language.
    Do not call me minuteman or kkk because i love the USA
    Don’t’ come here and insult the the citizenry-go home where you really belong if you have no respect.
    Hey, this is what we are all thinking except invading slackers. Even new Hispanic citizens and green card holders who are not full of it appreciate this country
    Look athe4 the Cuban Americans and talk to them about what happened to their Cuban parents and grandparents before they got here.

  8. Sami, you need to listen to what you are saying…”Go back to where you came from?” Some of us have been here for generations, so we are not all immigrants, AND, using your same logic, I think Native Americans would say the same to you about going back where you came from and to speak the correct language, but wait, they can’t because they were massacred…Don’t start claiming this as your country because it never was.

    1. Foolish child. I am a Native American and for generations my family has served OUR country in work and the military and other ways!!

      Don’t YOU EVER PRESUME TO SAY THIS IS NOT MY COUNTRY. Only an invader would do so.. The American “indigenous” were not from here originally either and you should get an education. Hey YOU should listen to how I sound, you might learn something.
      Kennewick Man look it up.

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