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This Restaurant Sells a Pablo Escobar-themed Burger –and Fox News Writes Columbia, not Colombia

A pop-up burger restaurant in Australia thought it was a great idea to peddle a Pablo Escobar-themed burger named –what else?– a Pablo Escoburger. The creation, which has drawn the fury of many across social media, is named after the infamous Colombian (NOT … Continue reading

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Because the Colombia-Not-Columbia Blunder is so Passé…

Having mastered the art of writing “Colombia” when it meant to write “Columbia,” The New York Times via The Associated Press has decided to move onto yet another Latin American-themed, Spanish-language mixup. So, as I was saying: #ItsManuelNotManual* Just like #ItsColombiaNotColumbia Hat tip: @tropicarlitos

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Jeb Bush Can Tell if Someone Hails from Colombia, Not Columbia; Has Wife Named Columba

It is not a huge secret that Jeb Bush has a pretty decent command of the Spanish language. And now, thanks to the New York Times, we also know he’s also good at guessing the Latin American country where a person is from based … Continue reading

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So It’s Columbia AND Colombia? … Now They’re Just Screwing with my Head

As it turns out, it’s Columbia *and* Colombia. Photo: Laura Martínez, Columbia (or Colombia) University, NYC

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AP: Santos Wins Re-election in Columbia, not Colombia

From the #ItsColombiaNotColumbia department. Hat tip: @gabosama

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This Whole Colombia-not-Columbia Thing is Getting Out of Control

Photo: Laura Martínez (109 & Broadway) #ItsColombiaNotColumbia

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Columbia or Colombia? That Is the Question…

After years of living in the U.S. and hearing such wonderful things about Columbian stars, Columbian telenovelas or the Columbian economy, I made the wise decision to move close to the neighborhood. Alas, all I found there was a bunch of young people … Continue reading

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Finally! Food Makers Understand the Importance of Marketing Columbian Stuff

It was just a matter of time before food makers jumped on the Columbia-trend-wagon. See? First the Washington Post wrote a story about Columbia’s Free Trade Agreement and then CBS called Shakira the ‘Columbian Carrie Bradshaw.’ And now, Nuestro Queso, … Continue reading

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CBS Wants you to Know Shakira is an Ivy League Graduate, Somehow Linked to ‘Sex and the City’

UPDATED: SEEMS LIKE SOMEONE AT CBSNEWS.COM READ THIS BLOG, SO THE COLUMBIA SLIP-UP HAS BEEN FIXED ONLINE. [THANK GOD FOR SCREEN GRABS] Turns out Univision’s CEO, Joe Uva, is not the only who is nuts about things hailing from Columbia. … Continue reading

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