Finally! Food Makers Understand the Importance of Marketing Columbian Stuff

It was just a matter of time before food makers jumped on the Columbia-trend-wagon.

See? First the Washington Post wrote a story about Columbia’s Free Trade Agreement and then CBS called Shakira the ‘Columbian Carrie Bradshaw.’ And now, Nuestro Queso, LLC, a small outlet in Hackensack, N.J. which cannot even spell its own name on the company’s URL, is peddling Queso Fresco Columbiano.

Wait! If it’s fresh and Columbian, shouldn’t we call it Queso Freshman instead?

[and don’t get me started on “El Pueblano” but that’s another story…]

7 thoughts on “Finally! Food Makers Understand the Importance of Marketing Columbian Stuff

  1. Wow. So many mistakes in so little space.
    “Pueblano” instead of Poblano
    “Columbiano” instead of Colombiano
    “va tocar” instead of “va a tocar”
    “haber a que sabe” instead of “a ver a que sabe”

  2. The name Pueblano is in reference to somebody from a state in Mexico called Puebla.
    and the Columbiano was a error from the printing,not because we did not know how to spell

  3. It seriously irritates me when people spell “Columbia” instead of Colombia. I see it all the time it’s so fucking annoying.

  4. I refuse to buy anything from a manufacturer that doesn’t take it’s packaging seriously. If ‘columbian’ spelling was an error but they still left it on pack, imagine how they handle their production facility. It is a matter of respect for the consumer and professionalism.

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