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Watch as Vicente Fox Transitions from Being a Local Embarrassment to an International One

I have said this, like a million times before: The only thing worse than our rich, dumb, infantile U.S. president is… Mexico’s rich, dumb, infantile former president. Vicente Fox, who has jumped to gringo fame of late for his in-your-face defiance of Donald … Continue reading

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Conan Goes to Mexico, Handles Street Tacos Like a Boss

You might not be aware of this, but Conan O’Brien is in Mexico City, thus having much better food — and fun — than the rest of us. This week, as part of his ongoing Mexico City adventure, the famed TV presenter … Continue reading

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Conan Is Heading to Mexico to Repair U.S.-Mexico Relations, Because Nobody Else Can

In these “interesting times,” in which the most important diplomatic decisions are made on Twitter, it’s only fitting that the only person that seems qualified to repair the much damaged U.S.-Mexico relation is… a television comedian. Sí, señor. Conan O’Brien, who jumped … Continue reading

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Conan O’Brien’s ‘Noches de Pasión’ Is Better, Funnier Than Real Telenovelas

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