The Mexican ‘Jersey Shore’ Looks Stupider than the Regular ‘Jersey Shore’

'Acapulco Shore' is scheduled to debut in September 2014.
‘Acapulco Shore’ is scheduled to debut in September 2014.

I thought it was going to be a while until I had to post something about silly Mexican spin-offs, but it looks like TV producers and creatives never stop, well, creating.

On the heels of Gossip Girl Acapulco, comes Acapulco Shore, a Mexican version of -yes, you guessed it- Jersey Shore.

Per an MTV Latin America press release:

“Produced exclusively in Mexico, the series will be filmed in and around the city of Acapulco, capturing the staple moments of the franchise including over-the-top arguments, undefined love triangles and outrageous antics in the sun-kissed city.”

Alas, it looks like the reality series -which I’m sure will star a bunch of blond, blue-eyed Mexicans with sculptural bodies- will feature no vigilante autodefensas, corrupt politicians, guerrilla fighters, or dangerous drug lords that seem to have taken over the state of Guerrero, home of the aforementioned sun-kissed city.

I guess producers are kind enough to spare us the bad news, so that we have time to focus on “undefined love triangles and outrageous antics.” Hell, yeah!

Acapulco Shore is scheduled to debut in September 2014.

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