¡Adiós, Colberto! Why this Blogger will Forever Miss You

'Reporto Gigante'
‘Reporto Gigante’

Hispanic television has never been very good at poking fun at… well, Hispanic television, which is a shame since there’s just so much to poke fun at.

Fortunately, we had Stephen Colbert — and his hilarious Hispanic primo Esteban Colberto — to set the record straight when it came to Latino things, like that time he interviewed “the Latino Walter Cronkite” (i.e. Jorge Ramos) beginning all his questions with an upside down question mark and stating Latinos are too lazy to even deport ourselves.

There was also

Some more Latino jewels from Colbert here, here and here. Oh, and then there’s the Mexican Threat Special.

¡Adiós, Colberto!