‘Unamundo’ Host Esteban Colberto Does Lou Dobbs


In case you missed this, Stephen Colbert this week incarnated Esteban Colberto, a Spanish-language speaking Latino of dubious origin. As host of Colberto Reporto Gigante, Colberto “sat down” with Lou Dobbs to talk about fences, corporate America and the war on the middle class, all in perfect Spanish.

The spoof was hilarious and very well-written (you can see it here) but my favorite part was the purple suit and, of course, the Latino chicas dancing around with the host. Any similarity to persons you see every night on Spanish-language television is purely coincidental.


3 thoughts on “‘Unamundo’ Host Esteban Colberto Does Lou Dobbs

  1. Did you see the great new late night Latino Style show on
    Love this show…Mas Vale Tarde con Alex Cambert… great guests–Jessica Alba this week Thursday Jan 29. Every Thurs at 11:30 PM/10:30C.
    Last week Carlos Ponce, Santana before that. Later this month Jennifer Pena and Obie Bermudez,
    Barbara Mori, Gloria Trevi.

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