Jennifer Lopez Does Chichen Itzá in Ridiculously High Platform Wedge Heels

Jennifer Lopez this weekend dropped by Chichen Itzá, in the Yucatán Peninsula, to shoot part of exotic video I’m Into You, alongside rapper Lil Wayne.

But going to Chichen Itzá requires some “seamless blending with the environment” and –of course– appropriate pyramid-climbing gear, which is why the Bronx Diva climbed atop El Castillo dressed in a snakeskin outfit, a headwrap and ridiculously high platform wedge heels.

Because, you know, that’s what Mexicans do when we visit our sacred, archaeological sites.

JLo Likes to be Spokeswoman for L’Oréal Paris ‘Cause Products Are Affordable and All

L’Oréal Paris on Dec. 3 announced it has tapped JLo as global ambassador for the brand, mostly because she is, like, super popular and all, but also because the Bronx diva is a confessed fan of the beauty brand. According to an “inspiring” press release sent out this week to the media, JLo loves the new gig because:

“Having used L’Oréal Paris products most of my life, I’m excited to work with a brand that consistently offers a wide range of superior products that are attainable for women everywhere.”

And the key here is the word “attainable”… Last time we checked, JLo was peddling $1,600 Gucci sweaters for toddlers.

Perhaps this time we will actually be able to try out something the diva really really likes. Or not.