The Astrologer Formerly Known as Walter Mercado Now Wants You to Call Him Shanti Ananda

I am sure you are too busy these days to take notice of real important news, so allow me to fill you in on a major development.

Starting today, you might want to refer to the famous Puerto Rican astrologer, caped TV personality of dubious gender Walter Mercado as Shanti Ananda. Why? Because while we were snoozing over our boring jobs and ending our pathetic work days in some local pub, Mr. Mercado had a revelation: a mystical voice in his dreams asked him to change his name to Shanti Ananda and help the poor people of Puerto Rico.

Not sure yet if Shanti will continue to entertain us with his fancy apparitions on Spanish-language TV. He (or she?) will be greatly missed.

Source: El Nuevo Día

10 thoughts on “The Astrologer Formerly Known as Walter Mercado Now Wants You to Call Him Shanti Ananda

  1. First, he is looking more and more like Carolina Herrera everyday, Two, I have to watch his program with sunglasses cuz he wears so much BLING!

  2. You should be ashamed or yourselves for making fun of Walter Marcado. I belive him to ba a truly inspired man. I wish I knew how to contact him.

  3. Ciertos personajes tienden a crear “interes” sea en su manera de hablar, de vestirse o ambas (como es el caso de Walter Mercado, o como se haga llamar hoy en dia). Ahora mi pregunta es, ¿el nombre de El es Walter Mercado? como puede cambiarse el nombre PROPIO? ¿es por razones legales? eso lo creo, pero ¿porque decir que tuvo una revelación para cambiarse el nombre? Cala (de CNN)le dió la oportunidad de su vida y no la supo aprovechar, tanto que quiso decir que no dijo mucho y se contradijo en ciertos comentarios. Creo que se deveria dedicar a lo que sabe (o nos hace creer que sabe)la astrologia y en esto seguro le irá muy bien.

  4. walter mercado es un ser elevado espritualmente y los analfabetos espirituales no podrian nunca entender lo que el hace

  5. Where can i get Walter Mercado address and number i really would like to know so i can write him a letter to ask something.

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