See? Even the GOP Knows Mexicans Speak Perfect English Before Crossing the U.S. Border


Mike Pape, a Republican dude running for Kentucky’s first Congressional district, has released a new TV ad featuring what he thinks are Latino immigrants, complete with Mario Bros.-like mustaches and fake accents.

In the :30 TV spot (below) three men, presumably undocumented immigrants attempting to cross the border into the U.S., are running to a fence and cutting through it when they reveal their very specific political plans: To help stop Donald Trump and Ted Cruz but also Pape himself, because he’s going to help those two build a wall and repeal Obamacare and stuff.

The whole thing is so hilarious it’s hard to be offended. In fact, my favorite part of this whole thing are the English subtitles, because — in case you haven’t noticed — these guys are actually SPEAKING ENGLISH!

So, WTF Señor Pape? Get your caca together, man!


Via: Think Progress

Hispanic Heritage Month is Finally Over; Now Back to your Regular Programming

I don’t know you, but I was frankly getting tired of all this “Hispanics are great,” “Hispanics are awesome,” “We are all Mexicans” rhetoric.

Luckily, the month-long marketing fiesta known as Hispanic Heritage Month is finally over, so media can get their butt back to reporting regular Hispanic stories, in which my people are no longer a colorful, boisterous bunch, but simply “probable cause” for traffic stops, frisks, deportation, etc. To wit.


So enjoy your next eleven months of non-Hispanic-Heritage. See you in 2016!

via: Daily News