Hairless Peruvian on its Way to the White House


Hispanics would do just about anything to get our people close to the circles of power. And that is exactly why Peru is offering to donate a very special puppy to the Obama family.

The creature being offered for donation is the national dog of Peru, a hairless breed, which despite its freaky look is hypoallergenic, which the Obamas said is a must for the next First Puppy.

Claudia Galvez, president of the Association of Friends of Hairless Peruvian Dogs in Lima reported that tomorrow she will send a letter to the Peruvian Embassy in Washington, D.C., to inquire if the new president is ready to give shelter to a symbol of Peru.

I really hope the new president will accept such kind offer. When you think of it, the gesture might very well signal his willingness to embrace Hispanics and make us a part of the new administration.

Too bad it’s not a xoloescuintle, but you know what they say: beggars can’t be choosers.

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2 Responses to Hairless Peruvian on its Way to the White House

  1. I was tickled at reading this…..I might even consider such a specimen….my daughter is asthmatic…LOL.

    It certainly would say something quite miraculous and inspiring if he would accept the gesture.


  2. Carla Raygoza says:

    either way… ugly MoFo…

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