Latinos for Trump Want you to Feed Goya Adobo to your Dog

This dog is innocent!

Remember the Goya Foods brouhaha and how the entire Trump family went bananas promoting Goya beans even in the White House?

Well, the whole thing has become a golden opportunity for the Latinos for Trump crowd, who are sooooo excited they’re even using their furry friends to peddle the stuff.

Listen: I don’t care if the entire Trump family –and their supporters– stuff themselves to death on Goya beans and adobo, but as the great @darth would say: THIS DOG IS INNOCENT!!!!

Photo via: Latinos for Trump

This Latino Is Going to Vote for Trump –and Make you Get up and Salsa

Ruben-Obed-MartinezRubén Obed Martínez (luckily not related to this blogger) likes Donald Trump so much, that he will not only vote for him, but he has written an extremely catchy song that will surely make you get up and dance.

Bloggers’s Note: I hate salsa as much as I despise Trump, but must admit this thing is infinitely better than the crappy anti-trump-Estefan-music-Mexican-thing.

Watch. Get up. Move el bote. Repeat.