Ivanka Trump Poses with Can of Goya Beans. Hilarity Ensues

To own the libs, you know?

When it comes to Latino foods and the Trump presidential family, you can expect only the worst: From a ridiculous Taco Bowl post to celebrate Cinco de Mayo to the president’s daughter –and presidential adviser– posing with a can of Goya black beans (Yes, Goya. Black. Beans) to… own the libs you know?

Ivanka’s post posted Tuesday night was a response to boycott calls of the Goya brand after its chief executive officer, Robert Unanue, praised President Trump at a White House event, saying that “we’re all truly blessed” to have him as a leader.

Here’s the original post by the presidential adviser followed by some of the best responses on Twitter.

Make Chiva-Cola Great Again

Now, that’s Better!

Jodiendo Mexicanos

Like Daughter, Like Father

Who did this?

All Beans Matter


New Wall Proposal

Ivanka in a nutshell


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