New York City Mayor Inaugurates the ‘México-Tenochtitlan’ Avenue, Sadly not Called Manhatitlán

¡Viva México, Hijos de su Manhatitlán!

Say what you will about Bill de Blasio and Marcelo Ebrard, but thanks to this useless duo, this Mexican blogger can now proudly say she lives in a city that honors “México-Tenochtitlan” right at the intersection of 116th Street and Second Avenue.

Yes, having solved their respective city’s most urgent taskes, Mr. Ebrard and Mr. De Blasio formally inaugurated the “México-Tenochtitlan Avenue” in Manhattan, just around the corner of this blogger’s favorite tacos ever.

I don’t mean to cause any international incidents here, but WHY ON EARTH didn’t they just call this avenue Manhatitlán? It would mean so much for this humble blogger.

Damn you, Bill and Marcelo!

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Mexican Official Eats Peanuts During Washington Meeting; Hilarity Ensues

U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi this week met with Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard and other Mexican envoys to discuss a proposal by President Trump to impose 5% tariffs on all Mexican goods. But the urgency –and gravity– of the matter did not stop one of Ebrard’s spokespeople to enjoy a few peanuts, on a napkin, while at the negotiating table.

By Wednesday morning, a photo of Roberto Velasco Álvarez, spokesperson of the Mexican Foreign Ministry (SRE) quickly went viral by Mexican Twitter using the hashtag #LordCacahuates (Lord Peanuts,) following a Mexican Twitter tradition of calling Lords and Ladies doing “weird stuff.”

Here are some of the best memes I could find on Wednesday morning…

Vampipe, siempre Vampipe

Tacos, anyone?

Now, that’s better

Su Boing y su pizza

They were not even the good ones

Leave this guy eat alone