The Economist Puts AMLO on Cover; Calls Him a ‘False Messiah.’ Hilarity Ensues

British magazine The Economist wrote a scathing editorial critizicing Mexican president Andrés Manuel López Obrador (aka AMLO) and urging voters to “curb” the ambitions of the “power-hungry” leader.

Published in its May 29-June 4 edition, the piece made it to the cover, showing a photo composition of AMLO beneath the headline “Mexico’s false messiah.” The editorial compares AMLO, as the president is commonly known, to “authoritarian populists” Viktor Orbán of Hungary, Narendra Modi of India and Jair Bolsonaro of Brazil.

While the government officially dismissed the article as “very propagandistic” and even went as far as to send a letter to the editor, Mexicans (yours truly included) have tons of fun tweaking said cover. Once again, I’m happy to say that Mexican Twitter never disappoint.

Here some of my faves:

Mexico’s True Messiah: El señor de los tacos

Idea: (yours truly) Photoshop via: @zwiitt

Grande, Del Toro

JuanGa: El Mero Mero

El Buki

Giovanni Dos Santos

Two Covers. Two Truths

Last, but not least. Her Majesty La Concha

Justin Trudeau Goes to Mexico; Hilarity Ensues

A bromance months in the making…

It was brief –and hilarious.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau this week visited Mexico, partly to address the bilateral agenda, discuss the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA,) and –very likely– to discuss El Loco.

But at some point, during a speech to the Mexican senate, a photographer captured the above image, which of course was crafted into beautiful meme art form.

As I said yesterday: Mexican Twitter never disappoints, so here are only a few of the many images that made the rounds on Twitter Friday afternoon after the great @Vampipe invited his followers to chip in their own ideas.

Mexicans: How can anyone NOT like us?

Amor del bonito


Pecado original


50 Shades of Grey


Brokeback Mountain


En Guanajuato, of course


Oh.. and this Headline

Mexicans Are Having Lots of Fun with this Photo of the Trump Family in the Vatican

Everyone has seen the pic now: An awkward-looking Pope Francis who looks as if he is being held hostage inside his own home, posing next to a cheerful Donald Trump and his wife and daughter, both in black and wearing black veils — for some reason.

Enter Mexican Twitter (more specifically the great @Vampipe) who turned the image into an international PNG for us to play along.

Are you ready?

Note: These are only starting to trickle in and I’ll be uploading more as they come, so keep coming back and have fun!








Mexican Reporter Goes to Flood Area, Asks Locals to be Carried to Avoid Water. Hilarity Ensues

sopitasA reporter in Mexico went to cover massive floods happening in Puebla, and was caught by another reporter being carried by the locals, obviously in an effort to, well, not get wet.

The original tweet (below) from reporter José Daniel Hernández simply read: “How embarrassing! @LydiaCumming, a reporter with @TVAztecaPuebla asks for help in order not to get wet.”

What followed, naturally, was a flood of tweets that have this blogger dying of laughter. Below some of my favorites. (Apologies in advance if I do not credit each one of these properly, but Twitter can be a free-for-all stealing thing.)











Mexican Twitter Cannot Get Enough of ‘Lady Cajero’

The original image
The original image

You can say anything about Mexicans, but you can’t accuse us of a lack of imagination.

The above image — which started making the rounds on the Internet on Tuesday — quickly became the object of some of the best memes this week. Nobody really knows the story behind this photo, nor why this woman’s friend had to be so protective of her privacy at a Banamex ATM, but it didn’t really matter. Mexican Twitter quickly jumped in. And it was hilarious.

I will be uploading some more pics later today, but in the meantime take a look at some of my personal favorite memes around #LadyCajero. [Click on the arrows to continue]

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Courtesy of @vampipe, @besuqueable, @TacoGuruMx, @Sopitas, @BebeDeiuz