This is How PETA Wants Latinos to Stop Craving Meat


PETA, the animal rights organization, has launched PETA Latino, apparently because they want my people to stop eating chicharrón, carnitas, chuletas, suadero and all those delicious -and nutritious- foods we’ve been eating since we were toddlers.

I commend PETA on its efforts, but quite frankly if you want Hispanics to stop craving meat, you might want to reconsider putting a naked former Miss Panama on top of a gigantic piece of broccoli. That will just make them toss the veggies and keep the meat.

Just sayin’

Veggie Latina Pitches Alternative to National Hot Dog Month, Wears Chili Pepper Bikini

You might be busy celebrating National Hot Dog Month (July) but Latina stunner Vida Guerra opted for making a veggie statement.

The model this week was spotted handing veggie hot-dogs in Washington, D.C. wearing -what else?- a chili-pepper string bikini.

This blogger, of course, has decided to support the cause, but my followers will have to wait a bit… [I am working on my guajillo bikini, which should take a while to put together. If that doesn’t work, I will dig up my pasilla one-piece and be done with the whole thing.]