The ‘Waka Waka Gate’ Heats Up. Vargas Says Shakira Plagiarized a Song He Took from Someone Else

[ UPDATED: Wilfrido Vargas this week came forward to deny reports of a potential lawsuit against Shakira.]

The Waka Waka Gate -which I am proud to have partly initiated– is about to become more interesting.

Turns out Dominican composer Wilfrido Vargas is, like, pissed. Now, he claims Shakira plagiarized his song, El negro no puede.

Truth be told, neither Wilfrido nor Shakira can claim ownership of the now infamous Waka Waka. As you have been reading in this blog -and everywhere else for that matter- the song precedes both Vargas and Shakira. It is, in fact a popular African song based on an African military melody, Zangalewa, popular throughout the continent.

So, if anyone is about to get rich (or richer) with the Waka Waka, let’s dig a bit deeper and see who owes what to whom. And if anything comes out of this whole mess, this blogger wants her share. LOL.