U.S. Airports Will Be Screening Your ‘Mexicanness’

One thing I’ve always loved about Americans is their penchant for specialization.

Take a special unit at Newark Airport that is becoming so adept at racial profiling that they have come to be known as the “Mexican Hunters.”

According to the Daily Mail:

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers told investigators that screeners routinely singled out Hispanic men for referral to law enforcement under trumped up suspicions, in an orchestrated scheme to pump up numbers.

To be sure, these fellows are also stopping Dominicans, but hey, you cannot ask them to be that good at telling one Hispanic from another, can you?

4 thoughts on “U.S. Airports Will Be Screening Your ‘Mexicanness’

  1. Easy all mexicans are short, dark skinned, dark eyed, have a mustache as Cantinflas and wear ponchos (not sarapes)


    Buenisimo como siempre Laura

  2. last year, my mom was worried that I had to stop in a airport in Arizona and I told her” ma, I’ll tell them I’m gringa”. My classmate told me that her mom ( born and raised in Mexico) who was able to cross the border since she “looked white” and she learned some words in English. More evidence that being white( or in my case beige) is more beneficial than being brown.

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