Tortillas, Toilet Paper and the Importance of the Simple Things

My local deli recently ran out of toilet paper, but it stocks plenty of these. So, we’re good…

I spent a good part of Tuesday, March 17 looking for toilet paper in my neighborhood –to no avail. Somehow, the coronavirus crisis has turned people in some sort of toilet paper-hoarding zombies, emptying the shelves at supermarkets, bodegas and pharmacies.

The craziness is not limited to New York City or even the US: My brother sent me a photo (below) from a Mexico City supermarket, showing people doing exactly the same thing: Hoarding toilet-paper –except supplies seem to be abundant down there (at least for now.)

What’s with toilet paper?

I tried again one day later and this time my local bodega (PapaSito) proudly advertised that toilet paper was back, so I went in (naturally). Several rolls of toilet paper wrapped individually sat at the top of a very tall counter, one I couldn’t reach, so I asked a fellow Mexican who works there for help. Our conversation went something like this:

–Can you please pass me four of those? –I asked.

-Four? Only four? –said the man almost incredulous. –Why don’t you take more? People are coming in and getting 15-30 rolls at once…

-Because… I’m not deranged? –I replied.

My paisano cracked up upon hearing that, and then noticed I had also bought a few packs of corn tortillas.

–Well, I’d be damned if we were to run out of those! –He said pointing at my packs of Poblanitas.

I walked away thinking he was absolutely right and was happy to get back to my quarantine (not before I stopped for some other basic goods.)

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Mexican Entrepreneurship Knows no Limits #Coronavirus Edition

Everything is for sale in this wonderful country of mine…

Via: Mexicans of Late Capitalism

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Pablito’s: We Make Tacos and We ‘Delivery’

Photo: Laura Martínez, Sunset Park, NY

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It’s the Census 2020 – and I Still Don’t Know What Race I Am 🤷🏻‍♀️


My U.S. Census 2020 questionnaire is here and while I’m all game and ready to fill out and submit this thing, I will forever be puzzled by the “race” question.

See, when you reach the the “race question” while filling out the 2020 U.S. Census, you’ll get options within five racial categories (see photo below:)

  • White
  • Black or African-American
  • American Indian or Alaska Native
  • Asian
  • Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander.

This, of course, leaves this café con leche, whitish Mexican blogger born in Mexico practically in limbo, since I’m supposed to select “white” or “some other race” to comply and be able to go to the next window. (And I’m not alone: Remember this Puerto Rican dude during the 2010 Census who was pissed (with reason) and refused to fill out his Census form, because “Hispanic” was not an option under the Race box?)

Also missing in this section are people from the Middle East and North Africa, which I suppose are supposed to do the same: Select “white” or “some other race,” which I think will make it harder to locate where there is need for local bilingual services in schools or during elections, to name a few things.

I’m personally offended because “Human” is not an option under race, so I decided to use the “Some other race –print race” space to spell out N.P.I. (Ni Pinche Idea.)

Hispanics and people from the Middle East or North Africa, back in limbo…

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This Fine Restaurant in Arizona Might Want to Consider a Name Change

Good luck marketing this thing to Spanish speakers…

Shopping for a wedding venue in Arizona?

Well, there’s this fine place at the base of Camelback Mountain offering “breathtaking views, impeccable service and an unforgettable experience,” –and judging from the pictures found on their Website, it looks like it delivers on its promise.

However, you might want to consider not inviting any Spanish-speaking friends (especially Mexicans) to your event, unless you want them to spend their time cracking up jokes behind your back or simply avoiding the food in fear of catching this dreadful malady.

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The Coronavirus Piñata Is Here –and I Can’t Even

No, this is not racist at all…

Mexico’s Piñatería Ramirez has done it my friends. And yes, this is racist and so Mexican at the same time.

Hat tip: @lechancle

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Speaking of Mexicans and the Coronavirus…

Mexicans: How can anyone not like us?

Here are some adorable school children in an undisclosed location dancing to the tune of the Coronavirus cumbia, because Mexico.

Via: Javier Risco on Twitter

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