Americans Celebrate National Taco Day; I Suffer Immensely

Yeah, you tell them, Red!

Yeah, you tell them, Red!

There is nothing more depressing for this blogger than National Taco Day. So I’m just going to leave this here and brace myself for 2018.

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Trump Goes to Puerto Rico; Tosses Paper Towels, Batteries and other Goods to Locals

President Donald Trump on Tuesday made his first visit to Puerto Rico, two weeks after Hurricane Maria devastated the U.S. territory.

During a visit to a local church, Trump tossed paper towels, batteries and rice, among other goods into a crowd as if he were some kind of NBA-trained Marie Antoinette or something.

I’m literally speechless and there’s nothing else I need to say now. JUST WATCH.

Video via: El Nuevo Día

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This Puerto Rican Restaurant Has a ‘Latin Asian Corner’ Featuring a Chino Latino Roll 😂

I’m pretty sure I’m going to be driven out of West Harlem very soon, as the hood becomes more sophisticated (i.e. expensive/trendy/stupid) by the minute.

On the heels of the new avocado-experts in town, comes Sofrito, a fancy eatery billing itself as “A Taste of Puerto Rico in the heart of NYC.”

The place – which offers dramatic views of the George Washington Bridge – features $14 glasses of bad wine; $19 ropa vieja and adds a 20 percent tip on your bill (whether you like it or not.)

I like my expensive, nonsensical meals and drinks with a view

I went to check it out and was mostly tempted by the “Latin Asian Corner,” which features things like seafood with leche the tigere [sic] and a $12 Chino Latino Roll, whose latinidad comes – I guess – from the “Spice shrimp” and the cilantro.

My review: “Meh. I’m heading back to the taco truck.”

Editor’s Note: Yeah, I’m using emojis on headlines now.

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You Guys! It’s National Menudo Month in America


Marketers are one restless bunch.

Not content with giving us National  Taco *and* Vodka Day, National Guacamole Day, Cinco de Mayo and all those wonderful faux culinary celebrations, a California brand of canned “Mexican food” informs me we’re in the midst of National Menudo Month.

Per Juanita’s Food:

Turns out there is so much to celebrate, that the brand in question is launching a national competition to find the BEST MENUDO RECIPE — and to crown the King/Queen of Menudo in two states!

According to the rules of this solemn competition, participants are being asked to bring their homemade menudo to one of the 6 regional menudo tasting events in Texas and California.

The homemade menudo winner in each city will get a $1,000 prize, which should be enough to buy the new iPhone X (without a protective case, that is) –or dozens of Juanita’s Food spicy canned menudo on

So, now you know.

Enjoy National Menudo Month while I go hang myself.

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Next Time you Hear about those ‘Bad, Lazy Mexicans’…

People pass buckets and shovels to remove the rubble of a collapsed building Sept. 19 after an earthquake hit Mexico City. The magnitude 7.1 earthquake hit to the southeast of the city, killing hundreds. (CNS photo/Ginnette Riquelme, Reuters)

… just go over these photos and watch the following video.

NOTE: These images are not mine. I was fortunate enough to be elsewhere when the Sept. 19, 2017 earthquake struck. I just thought all of what has happened so far in my birth country should serve as a great reminder of how Mexicans can come together in times of crisis and tragedy, no matter what the so-called leader of the free-world would want you to believe.

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Mexico Is in Mourning — Again — and Mexicans Have Come Together as One — As Always

September 19, 2017: The day Mexicans came together — again

On September 19, 1985, at around 7:19 a.m. a powerful earthquake struck Mexico City, toppling buildings and killing over 10,000 people in a matter of hours. I was 16, and had (almost miraculously) made it to 7:00 a.m. class for a biology partial exam. Needless to say, the exam never took place. The two-story building where my school was located began shaking pretty badly. We panicked. My teacher was crying hysterically. We were directed to evacuate immediately and move to a nearby park where we huddled up shaking, crying, following news updates on a transistor radio; listening to nothing but the somber voice of the venerable Jacobo Zabludovsky.

Thirty-two years later, on the morning of September 19, 2017, as Mexicans remembered that very awful day, tragedy struck again: A 7.1-magnitud earthquake struck near Mexico City, toppling many buildings and killing dozens of people (including little children,) unleashing chaos in an already chaotic capital.

My entire family lives in Mexico City, where I was born and raised and which was badly hit on both occasions, and while they’re all safe and sound (thank god,) so many others have not been so fortunate: At press time, many people were still trapped under crumbling buildings, and many, many others were unaccounted for.

I’m writing this from San Francisco, where I’m spending the week for work and feeling pretty helpless for not being able to be there physically, helping out. But if this new Mexican tragedy serves any purpose, let it be a reminder that Mexicans are a people with a huge heart that, in moments like this will come together as one, regardless what the so-called leader of the free-world would want you to believe.

If Mexicans are good at something is to know how to go about when the going gets tough — and, boy we’ve had it tough, like, forever.

As Twitter would say: #FuerzaMéxico

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Mexican Independence Day is Around the Corner: Show Some Respect and Dress up Accordingly


I don’t know about you, but I do take national holidays very seriously, especially when it comes to drinking and eating like there’s no tomorrow.

So, in celebration of my very recent double-citizenship bonanza, I am pulling all my U.S.-based resources to list the very best stuff you can buy on THIS SIDE of the border to wear on September 15 and feel as if you were on the OTHER side of the border.

Please note that some of this stuff is very likely Made in China and will not last another September 15th, but who the hell cares? Get them all now, and join me tomorrow in yelling: ¡Viva México, cabrones!

Now, on to the day’s relevant clothing…

The simply-awesome Mexico leggings –and green shoes:

Pobre águila, but OK

Pobre águila, but OK

The more subtle, millennial-oriented Mexican leggings:

Online Leggins

The Mexico-inspired Converse sneakers:

Ideal for when someone yells '¡Ahí viene la migra!'

Ideal for when someone yells ‘¡Ahí viene la migra!’

The Kobe Bryant Mexican Blanket Nike’s


The Frida Kahlo-themed Converse… Ay!


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