Mexican Police Chief Embarks on a 19-Second Chona Challenge… Because Mexico!

Someone is having fun at work 👮🏽

Yes, the Chona Challenge –the Mexican version of the viral phenomenon in which a driver hops out of a vehicle and dances along while someone else films the action –is actually against the law, but that didn’t stop a Sonora police officer to join the fun.

According to the local press, Santa Ana Chief José Cruz Urbina, fully armed and in uniform embarked on a Chona Challenge for about 19 seconds –and judging from the video (below) it was, like, tons of fun!

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O Captain! My Captain!

August 4 is Barack Obama’s birthday, yes, the same Barack who once wrote that I was the promise of America. LOL

I miss you.

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This Guacamole Mix Is so Convenient, you Just Need to Add… Avocados!

This product perfectly captures the essence of America, really…

Hat tip: @lechancle

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I Don’t Like Rap, but ‘They Can’t Deport Us All’ Is Catchy as Hell

If you are not Hispanic or –like me– are not a fan of rap, chances are you have never heard of Chingo Bling, but he has a new single out and it has the best title ever. They Can’t Deport Us All features a comedic take on the always exciting Migra vs. Mexicans action at the border. (According to several press reports, there are people who were not pleased by the name of this album, but what are you going to do?)

The lyrics are also funny –and racy– as hell. Take a listen and remember: They Can’t Deport Us All.

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Einstein, Beethoven, Mona Lisa… they’re Just Like Us; they Love Tortillas!

I found this jewel in a Mexico subreddit but I haven’t been able to determine where this is. My hunch says CDMX, but I don’t know for sure.

Please Internet, do your thing and tell me where this is.


Today in Awesome Mexican Translations…


Chicken BBQ –presumably.

Via: Reddit

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What Do I Do in my Spare Time? I Make Memes… Apparently

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