Honda Thinks it’s a Good Idea to Set up a Day of the Dead Altar… in the trunk of your Car

No, Honda, Mexicans don’t set up Day of the Dead altars in their car.

Corporations would do almost anything to help attract the elusive, trillion-dollar, super-duper cool Hispanic market, including pitching us things that make no sense, like setting up a Day of the Dead altar … in the trunk of our car.

Here’s the thing, Honda. No matter how much you think we love the whole culture around death, we (i.e. the Mexicans) wouldn’t stuff our trunk with pan de muerto, calaveras, cempasúchil and catrinas, because that would be, well, stupid.

So now you know. You are welcome!

Hat tip: @lechancle

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Hispanic Halloween in Harlem Be Like… 

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Someone Is Peddling a ‘Tamal de Elote’ Candle, Because Why the Hell Not?

Pardon my French but, WTF is this?

I’m not even on Facebook, but thanks to my loyal followers, I learned there’s some people out there peddling a tamal de elote candle, which promises to fill your room with “the warm aroma of corn and sugar.”

Oh, did I mention is also veggie?

I don’t know about you, but tamales should be left alone where they belong: Inside a warm, big bolillo.

Photo: Oh Comadres Candles on Facebook

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Lou Dobbs Wants you to Know the Migrant Caravan Is in the Mexican City of… WHAT? WHERE?

October 24, 2018 will forever be remembered as the day Fox News’ anchor and “Hispanic Hater in Chief” Lou Dobbs devoted a reasonably long time of his TV show to lash out at immigrants and report that the Migrant Caravan had already reached the Mexican town of….


Please listen carefully and let this blogger know where the hell this Mexican town is. Meanwhile, I’ll just go back to LMAO.

Hat tip: Querétaro (Pueblétaro) correspondent @MehniG 

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This Mexican Pizza Joint Wants to Make … Pizzas Great Again?

Turns out Mr. Donald Trump is not only good to sell elotes and other Mexican delicacies in my beloved Mexico, but now famous slogan of Make America Great Again is –apparently– good to peddle nuggets *and* rectangular pizzas in Mexico.

Why? Because … Mexico.

Via: Reddit

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I’m no Texan, but Beto Has my Vote

De la cuenta de Twitter de Beto O’Rourke

Say what you will about Texas (and I say a lot of not-so-nice things) but Democratic congressman Beto O’Rourke not only has a reported 62 percent of the Latino vote in the Texas senate race (vs. Rafael “Ted” Cruz) but he’s like a fan of this blogger’s FAVORITE Mexican band ever. Yes, Los Tigres del Norte have endorsed Beto and Beto and Los Tigres are, like, BFFs now.

Heck! he even tweeted in Spanish, so I’m like, dying here.

For the uninitiated, you can read this New Yorker profile of Los Tigres del Norte or simply click below. This is not the best video out there, but if you’re fortunate enough to understand Spanish, these lyrics are, like, WOW*…

Here’s my humble attempt to translate this song…

They already yelled at me a thousand times
That I must return to my land
Because there’s no room for me here
Well, I want to remind the gringo

I did not cross the border
The border crossed me
America was born free
It was men who divided it

They painted the line
For me to jump and now they call me an invader
It is a well-marked error
They stole eight states from us, who is here the invader?

I am a foreigner in my land
And I do not come to give them war
I am a hard worker

And if history doesn’t lie
Here he sat in the glory, the mighty nation
Among brave warriors
Indians from two continents, mixed with Spanish

And if we go to the centuries
We are more American
We are more American
That the son of Anglo-Saxon

And if the story does not lie
Here he sat in the glory, the mighty nation
I entered brave warriors
Indians from two continents, mixed with Spanish

And if it comes to centuries
We are more American
We are more American
That the sons of Anglo-Saxons

…. etc. etc. etc.


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Mexican Entrepreneurship Knows No Limits – Green Energy Edition

Say what you will about my people (i.e. The Mexicans) but they’re just always striving for a better country –and planet.

Take the latest narcotunnel, found on the U.S.-Mexico border, which not only features awesome ventilation and lighting, but works with –wait for it– solar energy.

Mexicans: How can anyone not like us?

Dispatch from Guanatos: Óscar Gutierrez

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