What else is on TV?


Thank God I speak English, because if I had to rely on Spanish-language television to be informed, I would think that besides the death of Antonio Aguilar, nothing else has happened on this planet.

The Mexican singer died at age 88 on June 19, and as of today (Friday June 22) nothing else has been on Hispanic television. And I don’t mean only the chismes shows. Since Tuesday, both Univision and Telemundo have opened their nightly newscasts with the details of Aguilar’s death; and for 48 hours straight, daily shows such as Telemundo’s Cotorreando and Escandalo TV have devoted one-hour specials to the event. The coverage has become ridiculously detailed, and some reporters went as far as to shed some tears on live television.

“What would Latinos be watching otherwise?,” my mom –who is visiting from Mexico– asked me. “Is there anything else?”. I was sorry to tell her there was nothing much, at least not in Spanish, the only language she understands.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the death of Antonio Aguilar was worth making it to the news but, how much longer do Spanish speakers have to hear about this?

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