Forget Kidman! ‘Vanity Fair’ highlights Slimlandia


Who says Latinos cannot make it in this country?

I just received my October copy of Vanity Fair and was happily surprised by the inclusion (for the first time, mind you) of paisano Carlos Slim in the magazine’s annual power ranking (#11).

For those of you who don’t know this, Mr. Slim is not only the owner of Mexico –he owns our phones, cellphones, banks, restaurants, coffee shops, retailers, airports, malls, computer shops, Unesco’s Historic sites etc. etc.– but recently dethroned Bill Gates as the planet’s wealthiest man.

Anyhow, in the aforementioned issue, Vanity Fair quotes an academic referring to Mexico as “Slimlandia,” simply because Slim’s empire of more than 200 companies represents a stunning 7 percent of the nation’s GDP.

Sure, he is no Rupert Murdoch or Steve Jobs –yet– but the Mexican tycoon certainly kicks ass. Want to know who’s still ahead?

1. Rupert Murdoch

2. Steve Jobs

3. Sergey Brin, Larry Page

4. Stephen Schwarzman / Pete Peterson

5. Warren Buffett

6. Bill Clinton

7. Stephen Spielberg

8. Bernard Arnault

9. Michael Bloomberg

10. Bill and Melinda Gates

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3 Responses to Forget Kidman! ‘Vanity Fair’ highlights Slimlandia

  1. NP says:

    N.B.: he didn’t make it in “this country.” Ironically enough, Slim amassed his fortune in Mexico.

  2. Adrian Perez says:

    Carlos Slim is an admirable person. He is a an international power to be reckoned with and as a result, he can help steer Mexico into a very bright future. For the US to remain strong economically, it needs its neighbors to be strong as well. Plus, this helps eliminate the media created image of Mexician immigrants coming to the US to drain our social resources.


  3. Jose says:

    it’s amazing how that top ten list can buy out a couple of small countries …

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