Can’t Afford the Real Thing?

I’m back in Mexico City attending an unfortunate family emergency, so blogging is not really on my mind. However, as is always the case, the nation’s capital and the brilliancy of its people never cease to amaze me.

Hat tip to my friends at


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3 Responses to Can’t Afford the Real Thing?

  1. Ricardo says:

    Espero que todo éste mejor o vaya mejor.
    Saludos de uno de tus fans.

  2. Carlos Quezada says:

    Mexico is fun, but not when there’s a family emergency. Fuerza…. besos and all that. Love your blog, anyway

  3. Greatest photo I have ever seen. It tells it all. I wanted to tell you that I have started a new site for Latinos at We welcome comments, blogs, articles, videos etc. I invite you to start a group. Gracias.

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