Wondering Where I am?

OK, Ok… I am NOT the chic in the picture, nor could I ever sport such a figure (especially not after gulping down my Latino-themed mango yogurt and not eating enough tomatillos.) But if you look past Miss Guatemala here, you might be able to see a volcano and Lake (Atitlán), where I’ll be spending the next few weeks days.

Ah… the wonders of freelancing!

So don’t expect too much update on this blog. In addition, who knows if they have Internet down there. (Sorry, that was my superiority complex stupidity talking.)

But if you get bored and don’t feel like contemplating this Guatemalan passage forever, you can always visit my archives, and keep raising hell with the Absolut hate-mongers.

I’ll be back when my quetzales run out, which will be like, whenever, who knows?

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9 thoughts on “Wondering Where I am?

  1. Hey Laura,

    Not fair, I just get addicted to your blog and you leave town. Hope you’re having a great time.

    Don’t worry about being Miss Guatemala. Seems a bit anemic to me, and likely not from too many tomatillos :o)

    I’m frankly a bit bored with the Absolut mess, so I’ll just hang out.

  2. You are very stupid to talk like that. Guatemala is a rich country it may not be rich with money but it has many other things that are rich. Like their people have maners. I think you should even have a blog if you are going to speak like that about a country. And for your info: they do have enternet down there. Before you type something think about it. you idiot.

  3. hola hola mis amigos de guatemala


    soy de barconelona my me llamo juan

    tengo una pregunta, mujer. tienes un telefono al qual te puedo llamar? soy sexi

    btw, una chica muy buena. viva guatemala

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